Kelly Clarkson


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Is the wikipedia listing of her performing Ordinary World last week wrong, or is it for whatever reason just not on Youtube?
Sitting with When Christmas Comes Around for a second year and I have a feeling this one might be my favourite! Wrapped In Red does have a fair bit of nostalgia for me but I think the songs they chose to cover on this one are better and I’m starting to think overall I prefer the originals too.

It’s close though!
I go back to When Christmas Comes Around quite a bit, but I do wish she committed to the concept more. The covers she chose don’t really fit with the Divorce-mas vibe of the original songs.
Wrapped in Red is great, the original tracks especially, but I definitely prefer When Christmas Comes...

The originals are similarly brilliant but the covers are just so much stronger. Santa Baby and Last Christmas are painfully overdone and yet her versions are so infectious. In a world where she released the following, she would have my favorite holiday album of all time:

1. Wrapped in Red
2. Underneath the Tree
3. Merry Christmas Baby
4, Christmas Isn't Cancelled (Just You)
5. Glow
6. Every Christmas
7. Santa, Can You Hear Me?
8. Blessed
9. Winter Dreams
10. 4 Carats
11. Under the Mistletoe
12. All I Want for Christmas Is You
13. Christmas Eve
14. Merry Christmas (To The One I Used To Know)

Of course this makes no sense because the sentiments are drastically different from the two albums' original tracks. But phew, look at the material.
I’ve revisited When Christmas Comes Around after all these posts and it’s a lot better than I remembered.

Christmas Eve is the real hidden gem of her Xmas songs, I love the kitchen sink approach, it’s so full and bombastic.
For anyone who ordered the gold When Christmas Comes Around vinyl I’ve had a new shipping email through for it so hopefully this one is actually gold!

No explanation given though so we’ll see…
Don’t get your hopes up! I just received my additional copy and it’s still the black copy, and mine was in a sorry state. Just going to send it back and ask for a refund now!
Yeah my gold one arrived today and this time it was gold (sticker confirms this and it actually is inside too).

Hope everyone else gets a gold one before Christmas!