Kelly Clarkson

She was randomly in an episode of The Rookie the other week, playing herself in a hospital elevator. It was odd, but always happy to see her.
Ugh we need her albums issued on vinyl already! I know Breakaway was done by Urban Outfitters but it unfortunately sounded shit....
Wow, I’ll take a recorded version of their voices on Please Don’t Leave me, pronto.

… But please don’t get too many mom-pop ideas from Pink, Kels.
She's hosting the NFL Honors tonight and serving some on theme looks



She looks great. And she hasn’t got a massive belt on for once. I really hope the album visuals follow suit.

Yeah, I'm interested to see what they go for with the album stuff. I know Kelly hasn't been known for her looks/visuals, but she generally has had a cohesive visual vibe for most of her projects. I loved the whole diva black and gold/screaming in her hair (dd) thing they had going for Meaning of Life.