Kelly Clarkson

I’m the UK my clear anniversary Meaning of Life vinyl has been delayed until 31/12/23… I’m hoping it’s just that it’s TBC rather than an actual date.
The release date on her website is end of April so I assumed the March release was a glitch.

In saying that, I ordered it from Amazon too so I’m hoping it’ll be end of April and not get cancelled.
Looks like Kelly's off from the show this week. She's using the time to prepare the album rollout, right?

... Right?
I would like to think they’re aiming for a late Summer/early Fall release… If they time it right with the right promo opportunities and variants/bundles I feel like a number one is in reach but not in a crowded market.


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I was just thinking that if she's gonna tour this summer like she said she would (I'm not holding my breath on this but we'll see), then we need to get a move on.

I can't believe it's finally happening. I guess I should start preparing my meltdown for when the era inevitably goes off the rails within 6 weeks

Does anyone have the video of her and Melissa Ethridge performing? Theres this on Youtube which is the audio and I know I've seen the video of it but it seems to have disappeared.

Supposed lyrics for Rock Hudson from another forum:

You were my Rock Hudson
It was real but it wasn't
No one ever saw it coming
I was never what you wanted

Like a real life movie
Didn't think it'd happen to me
Guess it didn't you just fooled me
Who knew love was so confusing

Rock Hudson was previously mentioned on her show with the lyric, "By the way, piece by piece I found out my hero is me".
Confirmed a single is coming. She taped a performance for her show, according to an interview she did on Instagram.

It’s happening, girls! We made it!

EDIT: Pfffft, the way we all desperately rushed here to share the disbelief.


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My dumb ass is getting hopes up she’ll be performing the single… she’ll probably end up doing a Pink tribute or some nonsense.

Maybe the wording doesn't mean anything but what if they're actually performing Trustfall together at the iHeart Awards?

I mean either way the single is coming but it'd just be so fitting for the era to kick off with her performing someone else's song at an awards show ddd