Kelly Clarkson

I go on-and-off with keeping up-to-date on Kelly and was wondering if we've had any inclination towards a Breakaway anniversary release next year? Really hoping for a remaster.
We haven’t had any hints about it. Based on RCA’s lack of interest in anything Kelly-related and her own team’s lack of competence I’m going to say not to get your hopes up.
Doing nothing for Wrapped in Red’s 10th anniversary feels like such a wasted opportunity.
Such a shame as her original Christmas songs, across both albums, are fantastic. Although I feel both albums are two ends of a book - Wrapped in Red is the falling in love and naivety of that and When Christmas Comes the heartbreak and aftermath of that love.

Both genuinely brilliant albums.
I went to both the pre-tape and the live taping for the Christmas in Rockefeller Center special last week and it was one of the most magical Kelly moments I've ever had!

The security recognized us from the pre-tape and knew we were huge fans so I got to be literally right at the front...meaning I got to talk to Kelly multiple times during the commercial breaks. She was really excited to be there!

The band was not playing live - and since we were in the front, we could barely hear the track - so we basically just got Kelly almost a capella along with Lester tapping on the fake drums and the muffled horns.

It was very cold but totally worth it - really glad I got to go to this!

Here's a little reel of my experience - didn't take too much footage as I wanted to live in the moment:
Kelly got a cute little namedrop from Taylor in her Time Person of the Year interview!

Around the same time, she started thinking about rerecording her old albums in an effort to wrest back control. “I’d run into Kelly Clarkson and she would go, ‘Just redo it,’” Swift says. “My dad kept saying it to me too. I’d look at them and go, ‘How can I possibly do that?’ Nobody wants to redo their homework if on the way to school, the wind blows your book report away.” Since Swift wrote her own songs, she retained the musical composition copyright and could rerecord them. She also negotiated to own the master rights for her material when she moved over to Republic in 2018, so she now owns her new material and the rerecorded songs. (Major labels have since made it more difficult for artists to rerecord their music.) She began rerecording subtly different versions of her old albums, tagging them “(Taylor’s Version)” and adding unreleased tracks to redirect listenership to them. She frames the strategy as a coping mechanism. “It’s all in how you deal with loss,” she says. “I respond to extreme pain with defiance.”

Kelly tweeted it, and shortly after, saw her on The Voice (Taylor was the mega mentor that season) and told her in person too:

And as we know now, Taylor sends Kelly flowers and says she thinks of her every time she releases something. I love when my faves interact.
Not her telling Cher that DJ Play a Christmas Song is the best Christmas single since All I Want for Christmas Is You, when that title goes to Underneath the Tree!

She's been giving her Christmas catalogue some love on the show and sounding amazing:

+ Glow and My Grown Up Christmas List (yes I know it's a cover but it's one of my faves) which were posted above
Also...I didn't know this but she has a tattoo that says "DC" on her middle finger and explains what inspired it, and I'm 90% sure the "DC" is "CD" backwards for Clive Davis nn.

I love Kelly but she is such a terrible Talk Show host. I honestly thought listening to that she was the guest on the show.

Does she know that she’s supposed to be asking questions and letting them answer?
Producing and hosting a Christmas show next week and I'm pretty sure all of my numbers are going to be Kelly Clarkson Christmas songs ddd.
I ended up doing the following:

Wrapped In Red; Ruff Loaderz Radio Mix/4 Carats (Medley)
Merry Christmas to the One I Used to Know
Underneath The Tree (in a Medley with One More Sleep by Leona Lewis and Santa Tell Me by Ariana Grande)