Kelly Clarkson


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One of my fave Whitney songs.

Sorry, I am never going to get over the fact that a vocalist of her calibre is on a couch 5 days a week talking at interviewing people instead of... touring the world, working with the best writers & producers, cementing her place as the greatest singer alive right now.

Obviously she is free to do what she wants, and she likes doing the talkshow. But I still firmly believe that the only reason it happened is because she promoted Meaning of Life like an artist who wasn't already 15 years into their career, saw zero return on her investment (without realizing it was her new label that fucked everything up and not her), and decided it was time to move onto other things. It's just such a shame.
Has anybody got that clip - or a link to it - from some years back when Kelly visited some radio station and was asked to sign a plaque for some contest and she signs her name big and bold before being told it was going to be signed by several other people, and then she tried to erase it with her sleeve?