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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Tangled_Up, Mar 15, 2008.

  1. Christ, I really hope she has a plan for this.
  2. - Was it actually your idea to turn up the saturation on your album cover so that it looks like you're standing in the middle of a rainbow?

    - Have you covered Basshunter?

    - Do you even know who Basshunter is?
  3. Who has more control over their image, material and general career direction? Britney or you?
  4. Oh, Maureen!
  5. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    Do you feel your new album pushes musical boundaries, helping America to get out of the stagnant pit it has been in in recent years?

    Do you think airplay should be included in the music charts, and if so, do you agree with how much say the record labels have over what gets played, and how often?

    Are you chanelling LazyTown with your latest campaign?

  6. Are men afraid to go out with you for fear that you'll roar about them in a song some day in the future?
  7. You doing any festivals this year?
  8. What was the injustice that we didn't get a video for the perfect 'Sober'? Some forceful gagging should have been done to the label on your part.
  9. Can you come back to Dublin, Ireland on tour this year?

    What's the meaning behind the album title All I Ever Wanted?

    Are you happy doing an album that isn't as personal as My December?

    Did the sequal to Irvine called I Finally Got It Right make the album? And what changed in your life that turned things around from Irvine's situation to I Finally Got It Right's situation?

    Out of all the songs you have recorded, which ones do you believe are your best work?

    Is there a pressure on you this time around to top the success of Breakaway?

    Were you disappointed in the way the label handled My December and do you wish the album campaign had have been bigger or maybe longer in the public eye?
  10. Is there anything like a 'Sober' on the new album?
  11. Who's your favourite reality TV winner? (Excluding herself)

    What do you think of Katy Perry?

    Do you have any regrets from your career so far?
  12. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Are you dissapointed My December wasn't as big a commercial success as Breakaway, or do you actually prefer it not being a hitalbum because 'it wasn't about that'?
  13. What do you remember about 'Thankful'? Is that something you sometimes forget about?
  14. Why can't art and commerce go hand-in-hand?
  15. Question:

    Of all the songs you've recorded which one would you have liked to have been a single?
  16. 1) "Are you aware that your new album cover is the single greatest piece of pop art in the history of 2009?"

    2) "Will you be duetting with William Young again anytime soon?"

    3) "If My December was awesome, like what would you say the new album is?"
  17. Picking up on numerology's questions re: artistic involvement, irony etc, I'd also be interested to know if she's interested in following each (presumably) commercially successful album with one that expresses her as an artist. Or does she feel resigned to the fate of an unwilling popstar at this point?
  18. - What have you done on this album that would give you different sale numbers than "My December "?
  19. Who is your favourite AI winner?

    Are you aware that you 'Up On The Mountain' on Idol Gives back is the single greatest piece of singing I've witnessed this decade? (Not counting Fantasia singing ANYTHING obviously)

    I've been meaning to buy My December for ages but it's still £3.13 on Amazon. Should I go for it or wait until it's 99p like 'Thankful'?
  20. -Why did you agree to make Breakaway part 2?
    -Why have we heard the least about your work with Ryan Tedder, the most exciting prospect of your album?
    -Why is your album cover shit?
    -Why would you ruin Irvine with a song called I Finally Got It Right?
    -Will your Breakway part 2 include anything as good as Sober?

    You can, obviously, rephrase those because I cannot think of other ways to state them.
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