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Kelly Clarkson

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Tangled_Up, Mar 15, 2008.

  1. "Am I on Punk'd?"

    No, love - we were.
  2. I dunno about this one. Every radio interview I've heard of her lately has been hilarious, cute and quite funny. She's definitely got the personality, I just get the impression that Mr. PJ probably acted like an arse to Kelly and so she gave him very little time or effort really.
  3. Popjustice

    Popjustice Staff Member

    She was quite bubbly in the interview, I thought?
  4. I wen't to read it after this's not that bad.
    She just seemed confused lol.
  5. I think sometimes the way people say things sometimes can be misconstrued when it's down in text.

    I always find myself laugh in PJ interviews when the answer to a long question, for example,
    Do you ever line all the animals up according to size, from smallest on the left to biggest on the right?, is just a blunt 'No.'
  6. I like the end with the dinosaurs. That's mostly due to the question, though.
  7. Maybe she just didn't "get" it? A bit like when some guests clearly hadn't been told what Graham Norton was like before appearing on his Channel 4 show. Or when they haven't been told what Simon Amstell is like before Never Mind the Buzzcocks.
  8. Like when he asked Britney if she had "ever licked a battery"?

    I don't think the interview is that bad, I think maybe she comes accross as more serious because it's written. Maybe if we could see it filmed it would be different altogether.
  9. That's what I thought as well. But that's why I like PJ interviews, a lot of the people seem quite confused, it's an awkward read haha.
  10. I just think she didn't get your humour, which is a bit disappointing.
  11. i was a bit disappointed too, but we weren't there, so maybe all this interview is missing is a few " *laughs* " thrown in for good measure or something.
  12. I love the image of her trying to line up her animals by size. I think that shoudl be in her next video.
  13. The only popstar that would go ahead with such a thing is probably Will Young.
  14. Hilarious.
    I like Kelly.
  15. I thought it was a terrible interview, on Mr PJs side.
  16. It wasn't that bad, Kelly just obviously didn't get that it wasn't a typical up the artists arse interview.
  17. I thought Mr PJ did ask some questions that SHOULD have had interesting answers but at the same time, Kelly probably had her 'people' there to shut her up if she started going off the handle at the labels unfair treatment of 'My December' and because of that, had to turn into more of a banter.
  18. She came across as a bit of a knob. If I was Peter, I'd have thrown some oranges at her to try and provoke a reaction. If that fails, move on to the watermelons.
  19. I don't think she has comes across as a knob. I just think it was a weird interview. I don't think she got PJ's humour and PJ didn't ask the best of questions.
  20. I personally just think that it's because American humour is very 'obvious'. They don't understand sarcasm or any form of quirky humour such as peter's. I don't think she or Peter were being rude, I just think Peter was hilarious - but Kelly didn't really understand his humour.
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