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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Tangled_Up, Mar 15, 2008.

  1. The way this could actually improve a great album. If those songs were mixed and mastered properly I think I’d listen to it even more. Sometimes I decide against listening to it because it bothers me that much.
  2. Mr.Arroz

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    Her discography needs a full vinyl release. I actually think All I Ever Wanted and Stronger are some of her best albums and would love them on wax.
  3. Rearranged 'Stronger' for its 10 year anniversary as a full on pop album with all killer no filler:

    1. Hello
    2. Stronger
    3. I Forgive You
    4. Alone
    5. You Love Me
    6. Let Me Down
    7. You Can't Win
    8. The War Is Over
    9. Dark Side
    10. Honestly
    11. Mr Know It All
    12. The Sun Will Rise
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  4. Hello is a very enjoyable midtempo, but an album opener it definitely is not. And did you... exclude The War is Over?!

    I think my tracklist would be something like...

    01. Mr. Know It All
    02. You Love Me
    03. Honestly
    04. I Forgive You
    05. What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger)
    06. Einstein
    07. Let Me Down
    08. Dark Side
    09. Standing in Front of You
    10. Hello
    11. The War is Over
    12. Alone

    Bonus tracks: You Can't Win, BYOH

    Not that it needs rejigging really. That's her best album.
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  5. The only fillers on Stronger are Einstein, Standing In Front Of You and Don’t Be A Girl About It. The rest are essential.

    It’s Kelly’s best album for me.
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  6. Einstein is really not good lyrically, but it's a good song.
    For the rest, you're right.
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  7. Totally agree with 'The War Is Over', don't know how I forgot about that beauty. Now, I disagree about 'Hello' though, since it doesn't really sound in a right place inside the album bar being the opening track.
  8. The main filler for me on Stronger is Standing In Front Of You. I loved the demo, but the album version is extremely watered down. I remember Aben (her guitarist/cowriter) said something about how the label wanted it to be more Pop/Rock, so they had to change it from the more warm 80's synth vibe of the demo.
  9. The War Is Over is one of the best pop songs ever.
  10. The demo really is much better. And the 80’s vibe would’ve fit alongside Alone and You Love Me so there wasn’t even a need to change it.

    Also I always wished Don’t Ever Give Up On Me had been on the album in Standing In Front Of You’s place. It would’ve needed to be finished but her vocal on it is stunning.
  11. I love Standing In Front of You, and while it's cringey as hell, Don't Be A Girl About It snaps.

    Stronger in general is such a great album.
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  12. There's not a ton of filler on Stronger, minus what's already been mentioned, but there were some strong demos that didn't make the cut. I was especially fond of Close Your Eyes.

    Edit: Or was this from the All I Ever Wanted era? I honestly can't remember.
  13. This leaked in 2008, so it would've been for All I Ever Wanted.

    There were a ton of leaked demos in 2010 and 2011, a lot of which were random songs that she was pitching to other artists (and most of the 2011 leaks were from Thankful, Breakaway and My December sessions), but the leaked demos we can guess were probably part of when she was writing/recording for Stronger are:

    -Naked Eye
    -Call Me
    -I Can't Lose
    -Don't Ever Give Up On Me
    -Shit and Fame
    -Just the Way You Are
    -Wasting Kisses
    -I Remember
    -Tell Me A Lie
    -I Wish I Could Be Lonely Instead
    -So Far Apart
    -Mrs. Right
    -Whoever Did That Wasn't Me
  14. Tell Me A Lie is such a bop. If Kelly had used it and it had gotten the glossy production One Directions got it would have been an excellent single. Actually one of the best single options Stronger would've had.
  15. Stronger was the album I started stanning Kelly Clarkson The Vocalist
  16. I… fuck, I’m old.
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  17. Having heard Broken & Beautiful several times at work lately, I feel very confident saying it’s her worst song ever. Truly painful to listen to.
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  18. omfg Naked Eye I haven't thought about that banger in years it was in the actual vault
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