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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Tangled_Up, Mar 15, 2008.

  1. I actually stan just how much she detests her fans nn
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  2. Hopefully in the same vein as „Happier Than Ever. I need angry rock chick Kelly.
  3. Never thought I needed angry Kelly back in my life. This cover is EVERYTHING
  4. Tracks 3 to 6 are a bit of me so I'm ready. She always does Radiohead justice.

  5. Surely the slow down on original material has always been to not give her ex coin?
  6. I hope Billie knows this is now a Kelly song.
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  7. that tracklist was deflating
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    Kelly Brianne singing this in 2022 is giving me all the serotonin
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  9. This is divine.
  10. This is her best cover ever.
  11. Not all of these songs are that well known to me so I will enjoy that aspect of this. I'd have liked some different choices but I will gobble up any scraps she gives me.
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  12. This is Kelly, so I know this won’t be the plan, but it would actually be a decent strategy to do two covers EPs through the summer, get the fans on her side, and then lead into new original music.
  13. God Happier Than Ever is amazing and I'm so happy she didn't edit the lyrics. I need this to be the blueprint for the album please.
    Also, I'm excited for the covers EP cause I don't know the rest of the songs except for Queen Of The Night so they'll basically be Kelly originals in my brain dddd.
  14. Happier Than Ever is obviously just a great song and she kills it, but also what makes this cover so great is hearing Kelly on angsty pop/rock again. It’s truly been a decade pretty much cuz Catch My Breath and the Piece By Piece album really aren’t pop rock, they’re more in the AC realm. It’s nostalgic to hear her on something like this again. I hope the new album is in the same vein.
  15. I've been WAITIN for this one,TURN IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. I for one absolutely love the track list.
  17. It’s weird there hasn’t been any announcement yet, right?
  18. Need this to be Vol. 2. Thanks

    The Story
    How Do You Sleep
    It Must Have Been Love
    Nothing Compares 2 U
    Dancing Queen
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  19. Out everywhere:

    The best thing about this is that it sounds even more like her own song with this production style. The TV version had the vocal filter, didn’t benefit from the build up - which is also produced differently from the original with the slide guitar and extra atmosphere. Her low range on those verses has never been recorded like that. Maybe one of her best recorded performances to date? I’m so in love.
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  20. Ready for Kelly’s version to win the BPG rate this year!
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