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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Tangled_Up, Mar 15, 2008.

  1. "I don't talk shit about you on the internet yet" is such a great change of lyric.

    Drag him Kelly!!!
  2. Am I deaf or why am I not hearing this?
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  3. I'm not hearing that either. It's still Billie's original line.
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  4. Does she ad-lib 'yet' over the final chorus?
  5. I'm hearing "yeah" but maybe?
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  6. Honestly one of her best covers ever. Reminds me of the first time I heard her cover of Creep....she's pouring her heart into this and means every word she says.
  7. Me too.
  8. What a stellar cover. I like the slight differences from the original. I like the idea of her releasing covers like this too, Feels like a full circle moment from American Idol.
  9. I'm listening to this now and I'm blown away by how stunning it is.
  10. Her Kellyoke version of Happier Than Ever was one of my biggest favourites that she's done so far on the show, so having a studio cover with proper length is absoutely wonderful. She seems like a perfect fit for that song.

    I need pop-rock Kelly again.
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  11. She is the president of the united states.
  12. This is the only thing I’ve listened to all day. One of my favourite vocalists of all time.
  13. I'm assuming the lack of social media acknowledgment has something to do with the school shooting.
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  15. My god the power of her voice on the right songs
  16. Right? The way it makes you want to just turn the volume up to full and BLAST it is astounding.
  17. She really should sing the next Bond theme.
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  18. Edit: But we want good music!
  19. Bond themes are original material though, she just has to make a good one.
  20. This cover has turned out to be everything I want from her and then some. It’s already such an immaculately constructed song and she somehow managed to elevate it even further.

    I can’t quite articulate it, but the original has this carnival-like, almost comical tone to it that makes it stand out. Here, I can hear all the ways Kelly took out a lot of that quality and just leaned into the dark and gritty side of this song, and I am 1,000 percent here for it. Right down to how she enunciates certain words or feels like she’s shoving someone off with that “talk about” inflection at the end. Not to mention my fears of her awkwardly dancing around cursing were unfounded.

    I’ve been musically kind of frustrated with her in recent years but I am feeling well-fed today.
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