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This has had me going back to her music again and it's just been a wonderful reminder that she's truly one of my favorite artists and voices in music. I'm so excited for the rest of the covers and the next album when it comes..

Also, was wondering if Dirty Little Secret and Not Today were ever released on any physical editions of My December? I'm still bummed I don't have them.
The skill she has, covering an already great song and then making it better.
I've never experienced this kind of love-to-hate thing but somehow Kelly's delivery makes me feel it in the deepest darkest part of my soul. She's too powerful.


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The “I have little hearts to worry about” comment makes me think it’ll be the opposite.
I think she mentioned it once or twice before but hearing her flat-out say "I've gone back and forth about it" is making me nervous. I suspected that we might an edited version of the final product because she's concerned about her kids (which I understand of course), it's just making me feel a type of way because obviously my interests as a fan involve hearing her as unfiltered as possible.

I will say though that I'm just relieved to hear her actually mention the album again after being completely silent about it for a while now.
Yeah I can imagine it’s really tough with kids in the picture (and Brandon’s kids that she’s obviously close to).

Hopefully she can muster up the courage to put out what she wants to put out, I really do want to hear it unfiltered. The way she mentioned wanting to be “ready for the interviews” makes me hope she can just say what she wants to say in the music and find a way to not talk about it outside of that.

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The literal goosebumps her cover of Happier Than Ever has given me. Protect her at all costs.
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I’m worried she’s going to water down the album with a few I Dare Yous or whatever. I also love that she’s like “I have little hearts to worry about” but then puts out a cover of a huge breakup song in which the original singer eviscerates her ex and even changes the lyrics to make it more applicable to Brandon.


I wish she’d kept the original “you made me hate this city” lyric, but aside from that, I’m fucking obsessed