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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Tangled_Up, Mar 15, 2008.

  1. Sam


    I wish she’d kept the original “you made me hate this city” lyric, but aside from that, I’m fucking obsessed
  2. I actually really like that she changed it, because I think it makes it more personal to her tbh. It was pretty loaded the first time I heard her do it when she did it on her show, I'm guessing it's about him hating LA once they had to move there.
  3. Nah it makes it all the more relevant to her. The way she delivers the line in the recording is bonkers.
  4. I know she'll probably never actually talk in depth about the breakdown of their marriage and we'll just have to piece things together from lyrics, but I am so interested in this particular aspect of it. For years Kelly stressed that she didn't like L.A, that when she lived there during Breakaway she was miserable and had fake friends and that life is so much better in Texas and Tennessee - which is where she was living even before Brandon. Cut to the last 4 years or so and LA is really her home base. She sold the properties in Tennessee. She's been on two different tv shows for most of those years. She's raising her kids in LA.

    I also often think of her being on Ellen right before her talk show kicked off saying "you got to matter till you don't!" and it was funny (as intended) but it also was interesting cuz it seemed so different from her view of her career circa 2011 or so. Granted, when she was 28 and still scoring hits with relative ease its much easier to be less concerned with the future state of your career. But she always seemed to have an attitude of "if I'm successful, great. If not, who cares? I've got my money already". Just interesting how much her goals and priorities seemed to change over the decade. Priorities that, as her manager, one has to imagine he was encouraging - or at the very least, initially on board with.
  5. Yeah, it did really surprise me how she started wanting to do so much more in the public eye in recent years, it's interesting. The Voice felt natural, but even the hosting gigs and attending award shows again was a surprise. Part of me wonders if dealing with all of the label stuff with RCA back then made her just tired of the entertainment industry as a whole, and obviously not into the L.A. lifestyle since it might not have been the reprieve away from work that she wanted. But once things got more peaceful for her in her career and she had a family to fill up that part of her life, she was just kind of over the bullshit of it all and more inclined to stay active and work, since so much else in her life was stable. And maybe she wanted to stay in one place once she had kids, but was having fun doing The Voice. She recently said something about how growing up poor and watching her mother struggle financially instilled her work ethic which carried over into her adult life, but it's still interesting.

    And yeah, it's also weird thinking about the fact that Brandon was the one who pushed her to start doing this stuff, and he seems even less of an L.A. type than her (and might have not liked living there judging from her Happier Than Ever lyric change).
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  6. The cover is literary icanheargod.gif
  7. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    Credit where it's due, I did not have time for any covers because I just want the goddamn album but Happier Than Ever is exceptional. I don't think I was as enamoured with the Kellyoke performance (but it was also hard for me to get the full effect of the song when it was chopped to 2 minutes) but hearing it in full with proper production has me a biT obsessed.

    The way she lets it rip on "I get it, you hate this city" is maybe her best studio vocal moment to date? It's definitely up there with some of the Meaning of Life ad-libs.
  8. The "noOOOO" as the guitar whines up right after the first "I don't relate to you"????? Has there ever been a better person??????????
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  9. The Chicks are on her show next week! She’s already done a fair few of their songs but I’m hoping she does another. I feel like she’d kill The Long Way Around, Everybody Knows or Set Me Free.

    Throwback to the first time they met! At around 10:06
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  10. Welp, they just replayed her cover of Gaslighter dd.

    Hopefully she takes Emily's advice to not be afraid to be specific and literal in the music!
  11. She smashed this, love it.
  12. Eh, that one’s actually a rare miss for me. I don’t think the song gives her voice much to do. Ariana’s voice of course sounds fantastic on this song, but even that I chalk up to it being in contrast with Abel’s.
  13. Listening to the cover EP right now, and her voice is truly gorgeous. She is such a gifted vocalist, she knows exactly how to use her voice.

    I really hope the new album isn’t that far off.
  14. Oh my, the EP is so good. ''Trampoline'' is my favorite.
  15. Can't wait to sink my teeth into the EP this weekend. I'm still every bit obsessed with Happier Than Ever - one of the most incredible pop vocals of the year and overall jaw-dropping moments in music this year? YEP AND YEP!
  16. Queen of the Night is incredible.

    I honestly think her voice sounds better than ever.
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  17. How can an album of covers sound so cohesive? And how can she cover songs and make them just as good as the originals if not better? I'm blown away.
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  18. I'm not that blown away. Her cover of Happier than Ever is incredible but the rest,not so much. She did much better covers on the show, ie Alanis Morrissette-Uninvited. Her cover of Fake Plastic Trees is really lacklustre, that's not it, too shouty and changing chords for worst ones that don't work. Phoebe Bridgers/Arlo Park did a much better job and that's how you should do a Fake Plastic Trees cover.
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