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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Tangled_Up, Mar 15, 2008.

  1. Queen of the Night

  2. This EP is the best thing she’s released in years. Damn. She did that.
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  3. Fake Plastic Trees is THAT cover. The way her voice is so delicate and then flips is stunning. Nobody does it like Kelly and when she's given the right song it's like nothing else.
  4. Her cover of Fake Plastic Trees? Jesus Christ I’m ascending.
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  5. The EP is unsurprisingly fantastic, her voice sounds so good on each of these songs. Happier Than Ever is the crowning jewel, but I love each one? Especially Fake Plastic Trees and Queen of the Night (which I was not expecting to love as much as I did since we've heard her do it so many times). An overall serve.

    Great little writeup/review from the NYTimes:
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  6. I wonder if any of the original artists will post about the cover
  7. The Weeknd posted about Call Out My Name when she did it on the show, hopefully some others do with these.
  8. Now thats an EP! This is pure heaven. Happier Than Ever must be it for me but such strong material
  9. She sounds gorgeous.

    Her next album is going to be her career-best, I fear. Any day now...
  10. She sounds better than she ever has. Like, these are all some her best recorded vocals. Queen Of The Night is immense, and I love her take on Fake Plastic Trees.
  11. loling at the anger from Pitchfork's comment section. Suffer!

    If she does a Vol. 2 of this, I know she won't do two Radiohead songs in a row but I'd love if she did Exit Music (For A Film) on it.
  12. cute interview with a fan. She reveals she almost included Dream On! Ugh.

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  13. I love what she said about Billie/Happier Than Ever!
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  14. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    My comprehensive review:

    Blue Bayou


    Call Out My Name


    Happier Than Ever


    Queen of the Night




    Fake Plastic Trees

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  15. It's so funny listening to her pre-Idol demo of Queen of the Night and hearing the absolute growth in her voice:
  16. Forgot to post that I heard the EP and wow, just wow! She’s never sounded so good?!

    Side note but I’m having a moment with Catch My Breath. It’s such a gorgeous and simple pop song.
  17. Dave Mathews Band cover:

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