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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Tangled_Up, Mar 15, 2008.

  1. Finally.

    I’ve been listening to Queen of the Night all day and whew what a song. Kelly is truly the only one who could cover Whitney and completely do her justice.
  2. Today is the 20th anniversary of this moment, hoping she does something to mark the occasion!

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  3. Is it an unpopular opinion to say that I love ''Born to Die'' so much? (It was from the Trolls soundtrack)
  4. Absolutely insane that it’s been 20 years, whew. And what a career she’s had since then. Proud to stan!
  5. If you had told me then that the girl who won American Idol would become one of America’s most iconic pop stars talk show hosts I would’ve said… I hope not!
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  7. Because Of You
    Piece By Piece (Idol Version)
    Happier Than Ever
    Merry Christmas (To The One I Used To Know)

    is one of the most intense stories in pop music.

    I know one is a just cover and one is just a Christmas song but they all make so much sense together. So much heart shattering sense. I will never not argue about Merry Christmas being a complete Kelly classic.

    Some other personal albums wish to reach the emotional intensity of When Christmas Comes Around to be honest. Sandwiched between some classics and some nice Ariana bops is a very disturbing look into what Kelly went through. Blessed may be pure cheese but it is also her coming to terms with what she still has.

    The divorce album is kind of right there between some fun tinsel and some ho ho ho. Whoever finally got over an intense relationship should likely be able to connect to the imagery in Merry Christmas (To The One I Used To Know).

    If I could feel the memory instead of turning back time
    I know that the past is all that's left of you and I
    I'd relive when we first met, when you caught my eye
    The rush of us and all that was right now would be so nice

    Yes it i all said and done and yes you officially moved on but sometimes it is the idea of that one dance on Christmas that can destroy you as much as it can elevate you. Because the memories are there. Good and bad. A simple yet fantastic song.
  8. I love that she is driving down Wysteria Lane.

    I also fully expected Taylor to be there in the end.
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  9. Wait I loved this. Her voice is on fire.
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  10. I need a full cover of Music now please Kelly.
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  11. This was stunning.

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  12. This was lovely. I'm only familiar with this song as a big gay dance song courtesy of Liza with a Z and the Pet Shop Boys.
  13. This is also stunning:
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  14. Bopping

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  15. Gave her Happier Than Ever cover another listen today after ages (I rinsed it the week it came out) and yep, it still gives me chills. A fucking vocal performance, easily one of the best of the year.
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  16. I honestly have a hard time going back to Billie’s version after hearing Kelly’s. Which is not a knock on Billie because I love her rendition and think the sarcastic tone of the song shines through better in hers.

    But ma’am, the vocals. Whew. Might be Top 10 Kelly for me.
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  17. Sounds like they're underwater.
  18. Well it's fanmade so
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