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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Tangled_Up, Mar 15, 2008.

  1. Oh wow, I loved this. The harmonies are gorgeous.
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  2. So Niall Horan has tagged Kelly on his latest Instagram post.
  3. Sorry to be the bearer of potentially bad news but she's back on The Voice next season along with Blake, Niall, and Chance the Rapper.
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  4. I knew it was too much to ask for a proper collab.
  5. The Ain't It Fun cover was great but for me lacked the sarcastic vocal delivery that Hayley serves perfectly. Still a great cover though.
  6. I watched the Sam interview and I know Kelly is so humble, but it's lowkey annoying how she never lets artists (especially the younger ones) finish praising her dddd she seems to downplay her musical contributions that even Ariana recently had to say, "But you're Kelly Clarkson!"

    Edit: Sam actually posted more about it, you could tell from their eyes that they were beaming the whole time singing it with Kelly
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  7. Of all the Kelly songs Tops could have in it's playlist they have...Go High. Which I like but...really?
  8. Don’t Let Me Stop you came on shuffle on my gym playlist yesterday. Gah, the single that could have been!!
  9. Kelly's Grammy submissions:
    -Traditional Pop Vocal Album: When Christmas Comes Around
    -Pop Solo Performance: Christmas Isn't Cancelled
    -Pop Duo/Group Performance: Santa Can't You Hear Me feat. Ariana Grande
    -Song of the Year: Merry Christmas (To The One I Used To Know)
    -Best Engineered Album: When Christmas Comes Around

    I didn't realize this qualified for Traditional Pop Vocal Album, I think she has a shot at a nom there! Wrapped In Red didn't qualify and had to be submitted for Pop Vocal Album.
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  10. Question! I'm guessing there must be a video of the live version of Beautiful Disaster that's on her albums? Thanks!
  11. It could be the AOL music gig that she did (not to be confused with AOL sessions). Check youtube, it's around 64 minutes for the show but BD could be on there by itself also

    Don't quote me that it is that audio though im just guessing
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  12. I'd always kind of assumed it was from the Independent Tour with Clay Aiken.
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  13. I love that she did a full episode for Spirit Day, she truly does use her platform for so much good. And I had no idea that that was the background of Jumper?

  14. I love this so so so much!

  15. I love the fact this is in the same key as Eternal's version
  16. That's one of my all time favourite songs, and Kelly one of my all time vocalists, but those Monica lyrics are shocking compared to the Eternal original!
  17. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

  18. It was definitely 2005, I know that as she had already released a few singles before it came out.
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