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Kelly Llorenna - I Will Love Again

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ScOtty2oo6, Dec 5, 2006.

  1. Looks like this song is actully gonna get a release now , although her last planned single had a video and everything but still got axed.

    Do you's think this song will go top 40 , to be honest i cant really see it happening , i used to love her but the song just lacks something , i think it will chart about no.42 :(
  2. Single is due out in Jan tho so mabey 25-40 chart placing???
  3. Optimistic, much?

    That crappy Nobody Like You (The Gays In This Video Should Be Ashamed of Themselves) still gets played in certain Glaswegian fashion stores - the ones with sports brands and upturned collars.
  4. nobody like you was probs better than this song
  5. VoR


  6. tommie

    tommie Guest

    I actually really liked Nobody Like You, as it was more poppy than her previous stuff. I Will Love Again, however, not so much.

    Even though the video is completely hilarious. It's what Dannii's I Can't Sleep At Night video should've been!
  7. This is the best thing she has done since Brighter Day. 1:36 is a nice sequence and she looks quite good in this spot. She is admirably staying above water in a really contrived setting - that of a sleazy AATW video shoot. Seeing Lorrenna's head resting on some girls bikini-crotch is comdedy gold and a tad distressing at the same time.

    Interesting to note someone has already mentioned Dannii Minogue - is Kelly fighting for her place here, I have never seen her do the dance diva thing quite so similarly before. This is actually a lot better than her last N-Trance song and their own material since, so at least it really is a decent shot for her.
  8. Its a comedy rave funeral!

    That is how I want mines to be, Scantily dressed girls & Poppers.
  9. The girls cheapen it. ''if that's possible'' - Everyone

    Old Kelly has never looked so good, which is quite a feat considering she's appeared haggard since her debut in 1994. I prefer Nobody Like You though. That was a couple of steps forward whereas this seems a few more back.
  10. Have I ever told you lot the story of when my sister slapped Kelly?

    (I'm taking the piss - you know it)
  11. I do agree it can be interpreted as a step back, namely because there are obviously some difficulties she has been having getting anything out at all. With what she has got to work with, I think she does a really solid job and appearance-wise, absolutely, she should be proud.

    It would be nice to shove Nobody Like You in as a B-side, or even the video: much preferable to the usual in-house remixes she gets commissioned - Voodoo & Serano being a possible exception.
  12. It's great to hear this song again - I always loved the original, a number 63 'smash' for Lara Fabian in 2000 (I vaguely remember she was French Canadian and was touted as a "dancey" Celine Dion!)

    Dame Kelly herself looks fabulous in the video and I agree it's up there with Brighter Day as one of her best. Much prefer it to the anaemic Nobody Like You, here's hoping for a hit for the game old bird.
  13. It's definitely a bit of a laugh, and let's face it - Kelly has pumped out some good 'uns for the gays, so I'm giving her my full support. By which I mean I'll dance when it comes on in a club...
  14. She should possibly consider retitling it "I Will Work Again."
  15. She tidals through all the blips, you cannot flush her. I will bet she honestly feels that way herself. I can't deny I wasn't looking into her eyes to see if there was any hint of "fuck you, I'm back at this again and just look at my new hair, they combed it and everything". I don't quite get the aim of AATW with their female artists - there's never a believable push, leaving them to scrap over who'll be featured in the next compilation presumably.

    Kelly does indeed have a roster of moderately remembered hits, and there was even a real flourish of activity around 2001. Gosh, I used to crave listening to True Love Never Dies and doesn't top 10 for Tell It To My Heart just seem unthinkable these days. With Nobody Like You I was just glad to see her move away from that whole 'Flip N Fill' sound that got far too predictable. Without her vocals I doubt I would listen to Nobody Like, so at least they are being used to better effect on this new one.
  16. is it just me or does it seem likee aatw have just thought i know give it a cascada style mix and video n we may crack the top 10 again?
  17. I do like this song. I've only heard a Spanish version of Lara Fabian's and she actually does sound very Celine on it. I'd like to hear Kelly go for a slightly less Clubland vol 100 and more pop dance sound just for one single, to see how it would do. Brighter Day is still the best she's ever done.
  18. I just hope that this time she actually manages to release this as a single. I did buy the remixes of nobody like you from aatw new unreleased shop. I admit I was surprised by how little was in that shop. Going by how they scrap so much work, I thought it would be packed with forgotten gems!


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