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Kelsey Lu - Blood

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LE0Night, Nov 18, 2018.

  1. I think it's time we talk about her a bit? A professional cellist and singer (see Sudan Archives for a similar plucked-strings expedition), she's been around for a while (her 2016 debut EP was excellent, grander and more gothic than her recent material) but she's been taking some pretty bold steps forward lately and seems to be gearing up for a debut full-length at some point in the near future. Shades of Blue dropped earlier this year and the even-better Due West just the other week, with a pretty great video to match.

    As her instagram will tell you, she's got an impeccably distinct sense of fashion.

    She's also been doing some significant networking, she did work on A Seat At The Table (Chairlift might be the link, Patrick produced her EP) and has featured on both Florence's and Oneohtrix Point Never's last albums, even playing live with the former at one point.

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  2. I got lost on YouTube - again - today and eventually stumbled onto "Due West" and... wow, what a song!
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  3. Olive found rotting. I mean they have been for a good while now already I guess but still. They rotting.

    edit: oop

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  4. I was not expecting this to be a cover and while it it very good I was slightly dissappointed when I realised it wasn’t an original.

    Her album is due out soon and will be called ‘Blood’.
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  5. I am officially obsessed with her. This "I'm Not In Love" cover is so haunting and sensual. It's perfect.
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  7. Album release confirmed for April 19th.

    01. Rebel
    02. Pushin Against The Wind
    03. Due West
    04. KINDRED I
    05. Why Knock for You
    06. Foreign Car
    07. Poor Fake
    08. Too Much
    09. I’m Not in Love
    10. KINDRED II
    11. Atlantic
    12. Down2ridE
    13. Blood

    She's tagged Rodaidh McDonald, Jamie xx and er Skrillex on the above insta post so this is going to be interesting.
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  8. 4/20 will sound gorgeous this year.
  9. This isn't shade, but... how is she so well connected? She's cute with a pleasant voice, but I'm not quite understanding why she's attracted so many cool/starry names.
  10. Maybe simply because her music is great and she's an extremely talented artist and musician?
  11. I didn't say she wasn't. But she's come right out the gate with some serious names attached. It's pretty crazy.
  12. I didn't imply you said that, this was a genuine question. She has been around for a few years now, released an EP in 2016 and got quite a lot of attention from it, notably meeting and working with Andre 3000 and Devonté Hynes. Also, "Shades of Blue" got her quite a lot of press so I'd suppose this one helped a lot too.

    And maybe she has just been very active behind the scenes, working and collaborating with different artists, which helped her to meet a lot more people. I don't think there is a real explanation for that really. Things can go very quickly in the music industry, one day you're unknown and the next day everyone wants to work with you! We've seen this more than once.
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  13. She’s very exciting. Reminds me about how excited I was about Kelela around the time Hallucinogen was coming out (and Take Me Apart but I’d reached boiling point by then).

    Plus Kelsey is friends with Solange which probably makes it much easier to make these connections.

  14. The title track is here, with the video due in a few hours. It's a bit Vesperteeny, of all things, i.e. really quite lovely.

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  15. I think she has a painfully weak voice, but I'm intrigued by her sound.

  16. Get your over-ear headphones out for this one. Church is the base template, pretty much, though she's clearly had the time and the budget to build it up in more sumptuous directions. It's all very gothic, in the classic sense of the word. The second half gets a bit more experimental, Poor Fake in particular is a disco-lite jam, of all things. Sticks out like a sore thumb but it's fun enough.
    (I've peeled through the credits on Spotify and I can't find either Skrillex or Jamie xx mentioned anywhere.)



    Oh, they actually know each other in person (@Andy French)? That's so sweet. They haven't been particularly bothered with her thus far so I'm not expecting much but I hope she fares better at Pitchfork than that hideous review they gave Lawfandah, at least (grossly condescending and just gross in general).
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  17. I'm going to give this a go tonight.
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  18. Kelsey’s music really is tailor made for me. Listening to Blood now and I feel like I’m in one of those dreams you never want to wake up from. It’s just divine.

    Fans of Joanna Newsome, Bjork & Solange should get into this. Lafawndah is also excellent.
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  19. Island

    Island Staff Member

    This is such a gorgeous album. Poor Fake is the one!
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  20. I’m surprised but I’m not overly into Poor Fake, I still enjoy it but would rank it low. Why Knock for You is my favourite closely followed by Atlantic. Down2ride is a bit pointless. She should have just put Shades of Blue in its place.
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