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Keri Hilson - Change Me & Tell Him The Truth [New Singles]

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Breaking Heart, Nov 2, 2009.

  1. Change Me Sent to US Urban Radio Stations October 13, 2009
    Tell Him The Truth Will be Sent to US Pop Radio Stations December 1, 2009

    confirmed via Radio1 go to the website

    So theirs the two new singles

    Also, I Like a song off of a german film soundtrack is being released, video has been shot.
    Im eager to see Change Me vid, but Tell Him The Truth I cant stand.

    Get Your Money Up next we hope...

    Then the re-release!!!
  2. AboutAGirl

    AboutAGirl Guest

    She needs to end this album campaign...NOW!
  3. Release 'I Like', stuff the others you stupid cow
  4. This has been all over the place. She needs to get a new album out there now, with a proper campaign.
  5. Two singles, one for Urban and one for Pop radio always means "My career is over"...
  6. She epitomises 'just there'. She can certainly sing, but has absolutely no distinctive qualities about her voice - it could be absolutely anyone. Her material, for the most part, is just as forgettable.

    I think she's better off writing for other artists.
  7. Beyonce doth protest!
  8. I don't mind Tell Him The Truth but I discovered How Does It Feel is really very good yesterday and would much rather have preferred that. Also I think Change Me is really weak. I thought she was taking off with Knock You Down but it seems the collaborations were what really sold the song. Shame.
  9. 'We'? Who are 'we'? Promotion agency?
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