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Kerli - Second album news

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by outsync, Jan 22, 2009.

  1. Gosh, that sounds dated and boring. She's better than this. I wonder if we will get any news about her music any time soon.
  2. Pretty shit.
  3. So it's official, she is out of Island Def Jam and with Ultra Records (an indie electro/dance label) now.
    She also performed in DWTS
  4. Good for her! I've not actually heard of Ultra before but they've got some good artists on their label and I'm sure she's more likely to build a steady following now she's not being pushed to the back of Island Def Jam.
  5. Thank fuck, free at last. I hope this means constant music output on a qualitatively high level. I've come to terms with her being more of a left-fielded popstar, as I can't really see her having a big hit ever in the foreseeable future.

    EDIT: Her DWTS performance was really good, by the way. She always puts so much soul into the songs she sings.
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  6. Bring on the new material :D
  7. Cash Cash - Here and Now ft Kerli is quite cool until it gets to the chorus with the cheesy Trance chords...
    Too much autotune though.

    Anyway - Bring on the new material!
  8. I wanted her to get off a major label because I really didn't like the direction she went in for Utopia, hoping it was just label influence, but seeing as she's signed with an electro/dance label I guess that is in fact the direction she truly wants for herself. Sad.
  9. Wow great news i am so ready for new kerli!
  10. She said somewhere that she is going to make darker music again and she's not really bothered how the world responds this time. I don't think it's really going to be dance. Hopefully something towards walking on air. And that Bruno Mars cover I which is amazing..
  11. I hope you are right. Although I found her first album somewhat patchy the songs I actually liked I adored.
  12. Well, she also recently performed new songs and one of them had a heavy drum'n'bass beat. I don't really mind her doing electronic music that much. I think she's floating on the same wave as Ellie Goulding right now, when it comes to the sonics of her music. Let's see.
  13. I lover her voice, lyrics and passion so much, but girl needs to sort out her sound. Her debut is a precious gem and showed so much potential.
    I do love electronic dance music, but I think she could make genius stuff with a genre that better accommodated her songwriting.
  14. I love her new sound more than her debut. Her debut was messy apart from a few songs. I think the dance trend really suits her.
  15. So I basically stopped checking in on the whole second album campaign shortly after 'Army of Love' came out, then I fell out with pop music for a while. I've only recently re-discovered her, and let me get this straight. Island basically crapped all over her with the whole campaign, and after it leaked in full over a year ago, it was later half-released as an EP Carly Rae Jepsen Curiosity-style, then the label dropped her, and now she's with an indie label?
  16. Pretty much. I am very interested in how she actually managed to get out of her contract though. That usually just doesnt happen, her record label seemed pretty determined to keep her shelved to themselves and not release her. Curious.
  17. I suppose this is her Ultra Music sound, new song called Stardust.
    Would love to see her flow into 'Running To The Sea' (Röyksopp) with this..
  18. That sort of sound but a little more understated would be great, it eats up the gorgeous melodies. She needs to change her SoundCloud name, the bubble goth stuff is ​so cringeworthy.
  19. totally agree about the name. I am loving this tune! It's there as a free download aswell btw.
  20. Well, the majority of her fanbase is built upon this "bubble goth moon child alien non-human" mentality and, even though it might not be that big, that's how she got where she is in the first place. That's what she's about and that's part of the reason why she wanted to depart from Island. If she wanted to be more conventional she would have toned down her image a long time ago.
    That being said, I like her music a lot when it's "toned down" and Stardust finds a cute middle-ground to all this. I'm sure Japan would eat her up if she went there to promote her stuff.
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