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Kero Kero Bonito - Sick Beat

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Jan 11, 2015.

  1. Little Boots mentioned this lot in an interview recently. Half Japanese/half English lyrics. Wait for the English lyrics to kick in - it's a bit of a feminist statement. This is like a more tuneful PC Music track - and I do like the PC Music stuff. However, this is better for me. Really liking this one. Not sure I could stick it for a whole album though.
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  2. Kero Kero Bonito are amazing. Build It Up was one of the songs I listened to most last year. It's so bonkers and happy and fun.
  3. They are all sorts of brilliant. I love their album and the song featured on Ryan Hemsworth's Secret Songs compilation.
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  4. The CD is 9 quid on pre order on Amazon. Going to get it methinks.
  5. They just released a new song called "Picture This" and it's yet another sugary triumph.

  6. Catchy chrous. I'm hooked.
  7. I love the new track. They're amazing.
  8. The mixtape was very hmmm. Why can't full-length quality sustaining acts put out physicals? Why is there suffering in the world?

    Sick Beat is still great. The tone of Picture This is hmmm.
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  10. The only song I can get into by Kero Kero Bonito is Picture this, I love it.
  11. I think 'Lipslap' might be their best yet @digitalkaiser
  12. "Lipslap" is awesome! I really like "Picture This", "Flamingo" and "Homework", too. The entire album is good.
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  13. Lipslap is amazing. The Dolly Rockers comparison is so true.
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  14. If you're into this, you'll probably be into Wata Megumi (綿 めぐみ) as well. This is off her album Sainanda Wa (災難だわ) last year:

    [It's a] Calamity/Disaster (I clearly do not speak Japanese)
    She has a new EP out just now, too: Blindman (ブラインドマン)

  15. Here's the video for Lipslap. It's pretty cute, but I can't help but feel it goes a bit too hard on the 'aesthetic'. The guy in all the football shirts is adorable and sells it really well though, much better than most nerdy-background-producer types.
  16. They're all lovely and the video is great. Lipslap is easily their best track yet.
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  17. Did you know that Augustus Bonito is in fact Kane West? Sarah even sings on his song "Good Price." I myself only noticed this recently.
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  18. I only found that out today after stalking them! So strange because I've been loving the Kane West EP for a few weeks now; crazy that they're connected, yet so obviously now it's been pointed out.

    I may have also accidentally found lots of personal facebook accounts for various people related to the PC music crew...
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  19. I want that bento box dinner tray thing.
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