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Kero Kero Bonito - Sick Beat

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Jan 11, 2015.

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  2. Waking Up is such a bop.
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  4. For those of you interested in a physical copy of the new album, you can pre-order the CD here: For some reason that link isn't on their website but is on their Soundcloud page.
  5. This is a strong contender for AOTY yas queen(s) of pop.
  6. this album is unexpectedly solid and listenable. I thought it might feel a bit gimmicky after a while, but it all holds together quite nicely doesn't it? Break is still my favourite, so breezy.
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  7. Big City's production is giving me late 90s JRPG soundtrack realness and I'm living.
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  8. The production is good but I'm only on track 3 and already sick of it.
  10. Fish Bowl is really gorgeous with its weird alt rocky sort of glory. I like the whole album, I think I will like it more on repeated listens.

    I think the album has immaculate production, a great blend of western and Asian influences. I'm used to J-pop so the album is not jarring at all for me with the vocal delivery or maybe what some would call 'samey' or repetitive. All and all, a very interesting and cool release. Very Tommy February 6, actually.
  11. The album reminds me of Cibo Matto. I love it.
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  12. Trampoline is also amazing in every single way.

    I actually think this album could make my top 10 list for this year? Its so crisp and fun and full of bops. It makes me smile.
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  13. Abe


    I've taken a break from Joanne to give this a spin, and now I just keep repeating it. It's been awhile since I've listened to an album that I can just enjoy without having to think about too much and is still really good.
  14. I randomly listened to Lipslap and what sort of PC Music take on house music? BOP.
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  15. "Trampoline" is such a huge bop. "Big City" is fantastic, too, and I wish "Fish Bowl" was longer! As a whole the album's just as fun as their debut.
  16. They really benefited from not being directly associated with PC Music. Their sound comes from a more sincere place as opposed to PC's wink-nudge, ironic attitude. Love the album.
    I watched them try strange Japanese snacks on Facebook for 20 minutes (as one does), and they seemed like a fun bunch. Sarah is totes adorbs.
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  17. Sarah seems like such a genuinely sweet girl. I watched parts of their SXSW showcase the other day and you could tell she was totally into it. She as a person exudes the same fun and carefree vibe as the music and is just super adorable.
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  18. Listening to their new album for the first time at the moment, it sounds superb. Fish Bowl should have been twice as long though.
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  19. I've been going through a break-up these past few weeks and this album, well, in particular, "Trampoline" is such a good pick-me-up song; I always look forward to the "power up" sound that plays a couple times throughout the chorus.
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  20. Video for Trampoline:

    Jump, jump, trampoline, fly to where you want to be
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