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Kero Kero Bonito - Sick Beat

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Jan 11, 2015.

  1. It's perfect.
  2. Brilliant.
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  3. Has anyone received their CD yet? Seems odd that I've not even had a dispatch note.
  4. Love trampoline song + video. Most likely my favorite on the album. There's a lot of perfume/nakata in the track mixed with some other influences that sound so nostolgic yet so fresh to me. Her vocal styling continue to be hilarious and catchy.
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  5. I love this shot so much.
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  6. I've gotten everyone at work to listen to them- we all work in special education and this album just puts everyone in such a good mood! I really didn't think I'd get so attached to this album but, overall, it all just works so well.
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  7. The contrast between the verse and chorus of 'Trampoline' pretty much explains what they're set out to do in my opinion. It's music engineered to cheer you up on otherwise gloomy Q4 days, which is why it works so well.
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  8. Good I love this album so much. I really sold them to me altogether, I was a bit on the fence before with only the singles.
  9. The video for Break randomly come up on YouTube today and I forgot that they do PC Music better than PC Music themselves. (i.e. actually fun and straightforward and not largely postured nonsense)

    Time to check out the album more.
  10. I wouldn't say Kero Kero Bonito's music is PC Music done right. They aren't even that electronic? I can see the connection, but I feel like stating something like that undermines their awesome work.

    If I had to compare them to another pop music act, I'd say they're like a jazzless Cibo Matto.
  11. I guess people throw them in the PC Music crowd because of Gus aka Kane West, and the fact that they are friends with members of the bubblegum bass scene.

    But yeah their sound is much more straightforward and varied at the same time.
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  12. I just got in to Trampoline this week, thanks to y'all and I am loving it. The chorus really goes to places I didn't expect. I am hype.
  13. Y'all making me think I should give it a second chance...
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  14. I didn't even know that one of the guys in it is kane west at first, nor do I actually listen to kane west or know anything about the bubblegum bass scene. To me the PC music similarity is really in the vocals, they're very clean, dry and have that very English talk-singing pronunciation that you get a lot in PC music. And of course the whole sugary upbeat pop thing. There's definitely a lot of overlap musically without even looking at the members of the band and their connections. I can kind of see the Cibo Matto comparison as well but to my ears they're more like PC music than they are Cibo Matto
  15. Bonito Generation is easily the most fun album I've heard this year and probably one of my most played, too. I find now that it's always cold and grey outside, listening to it is a great way to beat the winter blues.
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  16. I've been obsessed with this album since Trampoline was in PJSC. Easily one of my favourite new finds this year, it all just makes me so happy.
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  17. Jamie from Kero Kero Bonito released a single and has got a "mini album" coming out.

    It's pretty good. I'm sure @backstreetjoe will dig this.
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  18. Ooh thanks
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  19. Saint Etienne made a reggae remix of Trampoline and it's so boppable:

    I played this back to back with:

    And bopped uncontro-

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  20. Does anyone know if they are the support for the whole of the Saint Etienne tour?
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