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Kero Kero Bonito - Sick Beat

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Jan 11, 2015.

  1. New song. I don't know how I feel about this one.
  2. Such a freakin' triumph once again.
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  3. How do they keep making music this addictive.
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  4. Her eye make-up... whew.

    Song is cute too.
  5. They surprise released Time 'n' Place. I'm crying from joy.

    Thanks Kero Kero Bonito, I needed this after this shitty week.

    edit: Looks like it'll be internationally available in a few hours.
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  7. Blimey! I did not expect this. What a lovely surprise.
  8. I know I haven't been especially keen on their new direction, but the album makes it all come together for me. There's enough flecks of their old sound to ease you into the darker vibes. It actually reminds me a lot of Girl Talk by Kate Nash.

    Oh and I dare everyone to listen to If I'd Known and not bop.
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  9. This really isn't as good as I wanted it to be.
  10. Good for them, reminds me that I never got to listen to the previous one.
  11. I really like the album! Swimming is the one! I like Dear Future Self, too.

    I don't know if I love or hate them for the whole Rest Stop experience.
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  12. Well... it's no Bonito Generation, is it?

    There are a few immediately great tracks here and I'm looking forward to spending more time with the album, but their debut is one of my favourite albums of the last few years and I guess I just prefer that joyous shiny super-pop side of the band. More power to 'em for getting a second album out in this climate though, honestly.
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  13. I was excited for a full album of TOTEP styled stuff, but this ended up being more of a chore to get through, and seriously, leaving off You Know How it Is and The One True Path? Bad move.

    Now i'm anxious they'll not perform those in favor of a lot of the stuff on this record when I see them :(
    I'm gonna keep listening but my hopes aren't up. I've already gone back to Bonito Generation lmao.

    Oh and the radio edit of Only Acting is better.
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  14. Honestly Kero Kero Bonito are the true punk band of this generation. I just find them subverting expectations and basically fucking around with their fans pretty iconic.
  15. I do wish they'd put the single edit of Only Acting on the album just to make it feel a little different. I like it though! It's not as digestible as Bonito Generation but that seems purposeful. I love how thoroughly considered their aesthetic choices for both have been, it makes me wonder what they'll do next.
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  16. I live for them abandoning Aqua for ‘90s Alternative Nation MTV and alienating their weeaboo fans though.
    This is that “so I graduated college and got an existential crisis” album.

    They’d always been self-releasing until very recently though, so I doubt they would have any trouble getting stuff out. It’s not like there’s expectations of a smash hit.
  17. I think that's why regardless of the actual quality of this record, I appreciate it.
    Doing whatever the fuck you want as an artist/total change of direction is fucking brilliant and I appreciate any musicians who do it.
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  18. Lovely album, my only complain is that Sara's lyrics were a big part of the appeal but on the new songs her voice is so buried under the noise that I can't understand anything. But at least her melodies are still oh so sweet.
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  19. I've never listened to a full KKB album, but this new one is really good!
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