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Kero Kero Bonito - Sick Beat

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Jan 11, 2015.

  1. I'm reading up the lyrics of the new album online and I love the descriptions of the songs: "Dump" is about going to the dump and the things and people you may encounter there. I really like their nonsensical lyrics.

    Some of the songs sound a bit too much like what anxiety feels like (Rest Stop and Outside in particular), but I do like it.
  2. This album is something so unexpected for me cause I never listened to them before and then I saw the name of the band and it sounded kinda amazing so I downloaded this new album. It's so far been pretty damn incredible.
  3. to those who said they're new to KKB, PLEASE go back and listen to Bonito Generation.

    Pure pop genius
  4. I discovered them about a month ago when I was scrolling back through the songs I had Shazamed over the last few months. "Time Today" was one of them, and after skipping through a few of their videos on youtube I was 100% sold. "Bonito Generation" is such a gem, and their new album is really quite special.
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  5. I admit it, early this year I tried listening to their stuff and I didn’t “get” it but now with the new album, Time ‘n’ Place (which is great btw) it all clicked with me and now I’m kinda obsessed with them

    Also, Sarah is a cutie
  6. So i'm really glad I went to see them!!
    I was honestly not expecting them to rearrange all of the older/electropop songs into the new band/grungey shoegaze style and it was fucking fantastic. Time 'n Place makes so much more sense now.

    And yes, I got to spend a bit of time chatting with Sarah, what a fantastic girl!
  7. I was both excited (for new the music) and disappointed (as I had somehow missed this getting released) ... Now I am neither.

    Not really feeling the new musical style. The backing tracks aren’t spikey/urgent enough and the vocals still have that playful/childlike quality (which was a good thing previously) and the two parts just don’t really work for me. Possibly as the previous album (although absolute nonsense) had such a polished feel and identity, but this just sounds a bit disjointed and even the more cohesive tracks sound like the worst of bands like Club 8 (ie. twee nothingness).
  8. Hey, I’ve got two tickets for their tonight in London. I’m sick so can’t go. If anyone wants them for free, let me know.
  9. Just came to post this. I love how sonically different they are with every new project.
  10. LOVE this! PC Music meets Crash Bandicoot.
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  11. New EP is out today:

  12. What kind of "Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting" OST? Amazing.
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  13. They finally did it.

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  14. First time listening them with Civilisation EP and i am really liking what i hear. That switch up at the end of Battle Lines is aural perfection.
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  15. FUCK!

    I have just listened Rest Stop. That last minute is so eerie and i gasped when it ended with "You dont wanna be a". Feels like a soundtrack to a nightmare you can't wake up from.

    That whole record is so weird. It looks very cute and bubbly but there are several instances where it suddenly becomes dark and sad just with couple lines / or glitches.
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