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Kesha - 5th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 30, 2020.

  1. These are valid points in terms listening to the music, personally I don’t listen to anything of his that I don’t own already and since the allegations I have only bought two vinyls that he was involved with prior to 2013.

    I understand the Doja situation but I just can’t support anyone who works with him under any circumstances, I’ve cut Lana out of my musical life because of her views and I do the same with any artists, for me it’s black and white when it comes to this.

    I would love to know how Kesha feels about these artists and about previous back catalogues of other artists including hers. Let’s be really is a fucking AWFUL situation all around.
  2. I used to be all for boycotting until I realized just how deeply embedded Luke is within the music industry – in the past and presently. He's been active and successful for 15+ years. It's bound to happen. There are artists, Doja probably being the biggest example, that have been signed to him prior to this whole thing, and whose success kind of determines whether or not they're stuck in limbo with him. It's very much a double edged sword. And even if we choose to not support his work as a producer, he still has his publishing company, which houses tons of writers and producers who have all worked on various PJ faves' albums. It's kind of what makes his claims about Kesha's accusations hurting his career a total joke, since he's been very successful throughout the last several years during this case.
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  3. I kind of just illegally stream music from anyone prominently active with L*ke right now nn.

    It's sort of the only way to get around supporting him while still listening to the music my brain can't just flip a switch to dislike. If an artist isn't otherwise trash (Kim) there are other ways to support them.
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  4. Isn't Doja doing exactly what Kesha did a decade ago in the sense that they both signed with him like five years before their careers took off and both had to just make the situation work despite being unhappy with the arrangement? I feel like saying Doja "supports" Luke is a push and ignores the nuance of the situation. What is she meant to do accept that she signed a shit deal at 17 and write her whole music career off in the name of standing with Kesha and not supporting Luke? Right...
  5. I agree that she signed with him before all the allegations were made publicly but how can it be more nuanced? If you support her you’re supporting him and not just listening to songs that were released years ago but actively supporting him which intern will get other artists to write with him, which is happening now?

    So as someone who has been sexually abused it’s a no from me so it runs deeper than me just supporting Kesha this is for all victims of abuse who shouldn’t have to see their abused succeed. That’s my personal stance and it maybe wrong and not as nuanced as it could or should be but I can’t help that.
  6. I totally understand what @Espeon is saying but it really is a very complicated matter.

    Doja and Kesha are both connected to Luke with three iron clad contracts. That means that even if they get dropped by Sony, he still owns them as artists until they complete all their obligations (6 album deal with 6 of his productions on each album + exclusive ownership of all their publishing). When Luke got fired, Sony dropped all the Luke sympathising artists and kept Doja and Kesha because they knew that their career will be in danger if they end up working solely with him.

    Both of them are just riding the wave out until they get out of the mess they’re in and I think Sony are actually being super nice about it. It sucks that not much can be done about it but it’s definitely much better than him keeping them in limbo forever.
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  7. I meant her situation is more nuanced and deserves empathy but I also understand some people have hard rules about who they are giving their money to and I respect that.
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  8. It really can’t be understated how powerful Luke would be even if he stopped getting writing and production credits on hit songs. His publishing company has hitmakers like Emily Warren (New Rules, Don’t Start Now, Don’t Let Me Down by The Chainsmokers, among many others) on its roster.
  9. Yeah, his tentacles are so deep in the industry because of the publishing company that it's really shocking, and, pending Kesha getting victory and legitimate change in the industry, part of why I've unfortunately resigned myself to his presence in music being pretty much inescapable in one way or another at this point. So many artists and songwriters - even indie acts who would otherwise have nothing to do with him in any way - have deals with Prescription
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  10. My heart breaks for her to have had to endure this trauma and asking to be believed for 16 years. The way she was failed at every step. The fact that she was only 19 when this happened. Where are her employment rights? Where was the system to protect her as a woman experiencing sexual violence? All the so-called good faith gestures of social justice and feminism from the music industry feel performative and shallow when someone can be failed so horrifically, and this be common.

    Dr. Luke a pig and a rapist. Larry Rudolph is a pig and a slimeball.

    Materially, I hope the ugly rapist miserably loses his defamation case - not sure how he could possibly win in light of this information - and is effectively countersued and has to pay all of Kesha's court fees from this whole mess.
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  11. She sang plenty of her back catalogue in her Sydney Mardi Gras performance (plus Raising Hell and Praying), even though by her performance time everyone was so tweaked that they wouldn't have noticed if she'd just played tracks from her latest album.
  12. 2 Rainbow outtakes just leaked. "Rosé" and "Window". Also a snippet of the studio version of "Wolf", that she teased back in 2013.
  13. She’s hopping on a song that’s #9 on Billboard. The track is a mess but I’m here for her scamming her way into getting another Top 10 hit.

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  14. This is awful…
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  15. It's fucking bad. I mean this is just next level terrible.
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  16. But we will be purchasing and streaming so she gets another Top 10. Absolutely.
  17. It's... literally an Applebee's jingle alkjfalksjf;alskjfslkdfjsl;af
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  18. I took my stan goggles off and realised this is bad. As much as I’d love for her to have another hit under her belt, I don’t know if I want this to get the credit.
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  19. Retrospective review of Animal from Pitchfork. They gave it a 7.3 score.

  20. I really like her 2 first records but now she is so boring...
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