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Kesha - 5th Studio Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 30, 2020.

  1. I doubt it would be the sound of the whole album but I'm actually here for more hip-hop/pop Kesha. Feeling Sleazy already.
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  2. Tragic.
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  3. I still can’t get over how she has like...negative rhythm
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  4. Now pay Kesha the royalties you've been withholding since 2014 <3
  5. Also more dirt has come out about him in a separate lawsuit (Luke sued Kesha's old lawyer)
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  6. I wasn’t really sure where to share this, but this also happened:

    I know that permanently running him out of the industry was never feasible but this is... well...
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  7. The US justice system is really ... something else. They really failed her in every sense of the way. She's been appealing various courts for months now to reverse a ruling that considers Luke a simple citizen instead of a public-figure/celebrity. If she doesn't reverse that decision, her chances of winning the trial are extremely slim and she'll be drowned in debts. In what world, a person that is nominated for Grammys and iHeart awards not a public figure? He was supposed to be a judge on American Idol and has a star on the Hollywood walk of fame. It's just a mess.
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  8. Wow, that's ridiculous. Didn't even know about that aspect. He just "produced" a number one single last year. The entire case needs to be spotlighted again.
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  9. Yeah it sucks and if the court doesn't reverse the decision it will set a very dangerous precedent for free speech in the US. The NY Times, Hearst Media and NPR all wrote letters in favour of her to the court asking them to consider Luke as a public figure. Hopefully we'll have some good news about that soon.
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  10. Someone @ the Free Britney documentary maker this thread and we can only hope for the best.
  11. Not a single woman or person of color on that list. How abysmal.
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  12. Well ... it’s kinda over for her.

  13. Love this look
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  14. She has a collab with Orville Peck coming on her album (she talked about it on her podcast). That's kind of a great match.
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  15. I'm definitely here for it!
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  16. She’s going on tour in the US with Betty Who.

    pls come to Europe!
  17. The show is gay catnip and the week of my birthday so bring it on!
  18. Not this sounding better than anything on High Road.

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  19. Damn...that snippet is crazy good.
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