Kesha - Gag Order


Animal is one of the best debut albums there is from the 2000s pop girlies. Better than The Fame. Better than One Of The Boys. Like... so good it's pop history at this point.

I still remember the first time hearing previews of Stephen, Kiss N Tell, Hungover, etc. before the album came out via some like MTV Canada album preview media player online.

If The Fame represents the first turning point of a pop girl album to that sleek dance sound, Animal represented that sound formulating into its most perfect form.
Ooh, someone is spitting facts today.
Why is this so funny to me fffff

Anyway I hope we get the hands image in good quality, it's such a striking shot especially paired with the title. I understand why the album cover is what it is but it makes me feel anxious when I look at it for too long nn

Didn’t someone say the hands image was AI?
Animal and Cannibal are fantastic.

Nobody wants her to go back inside tubs and drinking piss, just to do some nice electro pop bops with the melodic hooks she's known for.
I forgot she drank her on piss on her reality show. That was something.

And yes, fantastic albums. Warrior also had a lot of moments but wasn't half as tight.