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Kesha - High Road (4th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Drew, Sep 15, 2018.

  1. Yes stan the best track!

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  2. It’s the people also leaking the Dua stuff and they already were leaking snippets of Raising Hell and My Own Dance months before the release.
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  3. Cowboy Blues really is so good. It's got a bit of her sense of humor but with enough pathos to keep it grounded. I'd argue that while not the showiest, it's probably the best vocal performance she's given on record. Technically sound while percectly showcasing the best qualities of her voice. It's one of the few songs on this album I wouldn't be nervous for her to sing live as well dd.
  4. I loved Rainbow, but this is 87% trash. I’m so disappointed.
  5. This is an outtake from Rainbow, I believe.
  6. So is half of High Road.
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  7. Yeah, didn't Birthday Suit (with the Mario sample) first start surfacing around the week Rainbow came out? I wonder how much material got repurposed.
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  8. Honey, Birthday Suit, The Potato Song and Chasing Thunder (previously known as Thunder) are all from the Rainbow sessions.

    She also had performed Resentment with Wrabel in 2017 so that’s also old.
  9. Big Bad Wolf is also really old.
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  10. The album is better today to my ears. This is a good sign.
  11. Ariana fans when they see me enter her shows.
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  12. High Road music video.

  13. Her hair is a true tragedy this era.

    Why do all of Kesha's videos look so damn cheap? I mean I'm sure RCA isn't just throwing millions at her, but Bonnie McKee's self funded videos look more expensive!
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  14. This one is directed by her brother who really shouldn't be directing her music videos anymore. I thought the Raising Hell and My Own Dance videos were fine. This is really really bad though. Maybe her worst video ever.
  15. May I kindly direct you to you "We R Who We R"
  16. (feat. PlentyOfFish)
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  17. We R Who We R is a tragic mess but at least she looks good and it's trying to look like a music video. This one is a bunch of bad beauty shots pasted together.
  18. I really like this album and how... chunky it sounds ddd. Resentment, Cowboy Blues and Father Daughter Dance are all stunning and Tonight, Raising Hell and My Own Dance are great fun. I couldn't be more excited to see her follow that route as it feels like a perfect fit for her. It'll be interesting to see where she goes once she's done chucking out albums to fulfill the contract also.
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  19. Hmmm.
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