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Kesha - High Road (4th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Drew, Sep 15, 2018.

  1. I’ve listened a few times and think I may prefer it slightly to Rainbow. I really enjoy Kinky and Honey and only find 2 or 3 songs to be duds.
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  2. I’m finding myself already deleting the few songs I saved from the album, oop.
  3. Just perform Honey or Kinky. Or the title track. My god, she's actively trying not to sell this to the unconverted isn't she?
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  4. This is comfortably sitting next to Rare. That's not very good company, y'all.
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  5. Top ten is fantastic considering this entire campaign has been limp as hell.
  6. It must take a lot of strength to go out and perform. She's such a force, I love her.
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  7. Me still bopping to that basic shit we call Tonight but Kinky getting ignored is questionable.

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  8. I don't care for this album, unfortunately. Raising Hell, BFF, Kinky, and Father Daughter Dance are the only songs I could see myself returning to. And even with them, the desire is not particularly that strong. Her sense of sound feels confused, stuck somewhere between the past and the present. I'm still rooting for her success, but this ain't it, sis.
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  9. Rare is 10x more listenable than this, ddd.
  10. But why would you want to listen to that?
    I rather listen with difficulty to High Road.
  11. Seriously, give me Kesha any fucking day.
  12. I've decided "Shadow" is not good and stops the album dead in its tracks.
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  13. It's pick your poison either way.
  14. I’d rather a messy album with personality than white rice.

    Cowboy blues is equally heartbreaking as it is funny.
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  15. Is that because you can barely hear anything from it or..?
  16. I don’t understand why High Road wasn’t the lead, or at the very least released immediately after Raising Hell.
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  17. Fff yeah I was going to say Rare is no longer my worst album of the year so far.
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