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Kesha - High Road (4th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Drew, Sep 15, 2018.

  1. Sadly I haven't really kept anything from this. Honey and High Road are cute. Cowboy Blues is nice. But overall it's just a messy slog of sounds and none of it feels essential. The "party" stuff is terrible. I love Kesha and want the best for her, but I also need her to be producing better material than this.
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  2. Someone I know was super excited that this album came out and told me that I should hear at least the best track from it (Kinky) and I hated it. I heard the two singles + the title track and have no desire to go through any more of this.
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  3. Even the stans I know can’t excuse how awful this record is. Fingers crossed for the next one I guess?
  4. The live cruise one.
  5. Hmm... Yay for England. I guess.
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  7. R92


    I’ve actually found myself to enjoy this more after more listens. It has its rough parts and could definitely stand some polish and trimming, but there’s a lot in here to love, I’ve found. I don’t know if maybe I’m just becoming less judgemental or caustic in criticism, but giving this album a chance has made me enjoy it a lot over the past couple weeks, enough to make comments about this being unlistenable or like pure garbage seem like extreme hyperbole. It’s far from a perfect album but I’ve still found myself seeking it out for listening, particularly the folk-tinged stuff.
  8. But we need Kesha to come to continental Europe. Italy especially. South Italy possibly.
  9. I loved Rainbow, but I'm kinda scared to listen to this.
  10. Honestly if you loved that you'll be fine with this. They aren't worlds apart.
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  11. This sort of shows potential but it's more or less just as much of a mess as the rest of the album.
  12. I adored "Raising Hell" so I've had to listen to this a couple of times - overall I like it, but the variability in track quality shows - there's a stack of filler.
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  13. RJF


    Her tours are a fucking mess.
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  14. Jesus.
  15. Rare is front to back inoffensive, utterly inessential filler. This may have some stinkers on it, but I'd certainly prefer a mixed bag with a few songs I actually want to keep than something that never deviates from mildly pleasant background music that goes in one ear and out the other.
  16. I really don't think this is that bad. It's uneven for sure but overall I like the majority of it.
  17. She should really consider moving onto the next project ASAP..

    Even Meghan is higher
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  18. I liked probably hafl of the album, I was expecting more "pop" songs and not so much of Rainbow, but there are some fun tracks.
  19. I didn’t even like this album but the fact that it fell from 7 to 139 is like....unfathomable to me. I would love to see her bounce back with a vengeance but I’m honestly not sure where she goes from here sonically?
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