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Kesha - High Road (4th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Drew, Sep 15, 2018.

  1. Then why did you went looking for his tag? To lazy to type his username? Thirst in peace, sis x
  2. As if I remember names hinny. We old.
  3. Also, bb. Thirsting is for the thirsty.
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  4. The fact that not a single song from the new album, released two weeks ago, is in her top 5 on Spotify...
  5. I



  6. It makes me really sad that this album performed the way it did while Dr Luke is back on the charts and so many people are championing his work. Such a weird timeline. I really want to see her succeed but it feels like the campaign is already over.
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  7. What’s even worse is that he’s winning in court. This whole thing is just so unfair.
  8. The whole thing is like a nightmare. I can't imagine being in Kesha's position and I just hope she has good people around her to keep her spirits up. I feel like this album rollout wasn't handled well, and on top of that there's the court stuff and the fact that Luke is being accepted as a producer again at the same time. It's a lot.
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  9. This could literally save her in court. His whole lawsuit is based on claims that his career is damaged beyond return because of her. If Say So smashes (and it looks like it is) then this discredits his argument.

    But yeah ... let’s just say that 2020 is definitely not her year. She’s been through so much and she always puts a tough front but you can tell that she just needs a break.
  10. I mean, yes, to all the above but also maybe she should have made a better album.
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  11. I'm already pretty over the album. My initial neutered positivity is officially dead.

  12. It’s also re-enters the Canadian Hot 100 at #96.
  13. Should she just start releasing the songs that should have been singles off the first 2 and a half albums then?
  14. Considering the album we just got...

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  15. Only a month in and I already find myself only using half of the album. I still don't think it's the horrible album many make it out to be... I just think her signature sass and raw emotion aren't always turned up enough where they needed to be. And the sound experimentation mixing beats and acoustic guitar doesn't do the album many favors. That being said Kinky, Raising Hell, High Road and Tonight all remain bops....speaking of bops...Tik Tok reviving interest in gems like Cannibal continues to be such a trip!
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  16. I can't believe Raising Hell is still the latest single. Push Kinky or Little Bit of Love you cowards!
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  17. Kinky (Fan Demanded Radio Edit) better be out this Friday.
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