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Kesha - High Road (4th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Drew, Sep 15, 2018.

  1. This tour would have been canceled even if Covid wasn't a thing. She had 5,000 seat venues with 80% of the tickets still available. There was no way it was going to move ahead.
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  2. She sounds so good here. I love when she switches from belting to her head voice.

  3. I was just listening to High Road, and it's so frustrating because I feel like it had so much potential to be so much better. The mixing alone is pretty terrible, and that would've been a vast improvement.

    I didn't totally get into her until Rainbow, and I love that album, and then I came around to appreciate her older stuff. So I really thought High Road would be a perfect mix, but it's just so...unpolished? Like, things sound so unfinished. There's some good stuff on there but ugh it's frustrating to listen to and know it could've been better.

    My Own Dance is still weirdly one of my favorites.

  4. These two songs are still some of her best tbh.
  5. Me too. I wish she focused on this industrial brash sound on the whole album.

    The more I think of High Road, the more I realise that it perfectly represents this stage of her career: she’s lost, directionless and surrounded by Yes people. The songwriting is there, it’s just ruined by everything around it and the fact that it feels like she’s constantly trying to prove something on the record makes it really hard to listen to.

    We need professional producers on the next album.
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  6. I generally like the album but it's definitely a bit... rough. I loved all of the aesthetics & looks she was serving this era and the idea of joining Rainbow with her older material sounded like a winner, but everything sounds so unfinished. The chaos works on some songs (I maintain that Tonight is one of the best things she's ever done & Honey is also great) but I can't help but feel that this album would work better if she went back to the studio a few more times and found someone who actually knows how to mix & master.
  7. I genuinely feel like this is the sound she was going for because that guy mixed most of Rainbow and it sounds fine. In her head she wanted to sound brash, abrasive and metallic but the end result is tragic.
  8. Yesss that main featured drum loop is so striking, I wish she would've explored that kind of thing more.

    And totally agree, I feel like she needed some better people involved to guide her and help her oversee the project. There's so much potential there and it could have been made into a really solid pop album but it feels like it was released before a lot of crucial production and mixing stages even happened. Like, I get going for a rawer kind of sound as an intentional thing (like on Honey), but the mixing on the other songs is almost grating, and there's no reason for that.

    I saw an earlier post that said she should've used Jeff Bhasker as an inspiration for this album (or worked with him if she could have) and I 100% agree, he does such a solid job at bridging raw with polished.
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  9. That's probably me. I've been championing this idea since the album release. She should have worked with Jeff Bahsker and John Hill on the whole record because I feel like they understood what she was going for and have the skills to translate that into tracks.
  10. She sounds great there
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  11. She payed a first installment of 400k dollars to Dr. Luke last week as instructed by the court. It’s the damages fee she has to pay since he wasn’t on Rainbow and she still has to pay another 400k.

    She’ll have to pay the same amount for High Road and again for her final album coming next year.
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  12. That is so fuuuuucking gross. Let me go buy some merch or something. Christ.
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  13. This T-Rex cover was supposed to come out in 2017 and the whole album is produced by the late Hal Willner.

    It’s kinda appropriate now with what’s happening in the US right now.

  14. I know she's been through a lot but I miss when she used to be fun. It's a pride performance a.k.a the perfect opportunity to do something a bit wild and funny. She's been performing this version of Rainbow in all her quarantine performances ...
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