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Kesha - High Road (4th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Drew, Sep 15, 2018.

  1. I dunno
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  2. She's selling her old clothes/performance outfits and donating everything to Black Lives Matter. Her 2010 AMA dress that she made out of VHS tapes is at 11.000$.

  3. OspreyQueen

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    I was expecting the worst, but I actually quite like Since I Was Young? Better than most of High Road, which is why Kesha deserves to be more than just a glorified backing vocalist on it.
  4. Cackling at this comment tho:

  5. Another month, another leak. Here is another Rainbow outtake that frankly wouldn't sound out of place in today's pop climate and it's better than most of High Road.

  6. With some polish, this could have been excellent to have instead of most of what made High Road ddd
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  7. This is great wtf.
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  8. Everytime You Go is giving me 2010 Animal outtake vibes. It's great, but we knew based on the snippet that leaked forever ago
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  9. "Everytime You Go" would probably smash today if it was a bit beefier
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  10. Bears about me in 2009 when I was too thin.
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  11. P__


    It kind of sounds like a Katy Perry track.
  12. It's a cute song but the vocals are a bit much.
  13. The art direction for Rainbow was so incredible.
  14. Whew this had so much potential.
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  15. Whenever a Rainbow track comes on shuffle and I'm just staring at the artwork with my phone 5cm my eyes looking at all the small details. Her best album. Her best artwork.
  16. The vinyl is a piece of art. I want her to explore the whole psychedelic-pop genre even more.
  17. Her Moo is coming.

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  18. Perched
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  19. Did Taylor finally push her to put the folk album out?
  20. I think it has something to do with this shoot. We’re probably getting a music video from High Road or the billionth Rainbow live at home performance.

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