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Kesha - High Road (4th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Drew, Sep 15, 2018.

  1. Suddenly, Rainbow is THE reference. When it came out, you were all like « oh she’s doing country shit blabla.... ».
    I’m sorry but I need to be reassured ; do y’all force yourself not to like the songs to have something to write here ? Like a journalist complex or so ?

    I personally had to listen the album three times to get in the mood, and I think that : the production is great, the songs order is perfect, and she gave us everything we expected from her (as she described the album).
  2. I’m not sure why Kinky has the Ke$ha credit. Tonight should have had the feature as it’s the most Ke$ha sounding song on the album.

    The Potato Song is giving me everything. I want a kooky Potato Song / Godzilla / Spaceship style album at some point.
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  3. I see what you mean, I used to think like that on the 1st listen
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  4. Kinky perfectly describes my current relationship so let me skip the intro and bop a little bit.

    Also, the part of the verse High Road where she sings ‘So aggressive, passive aggressive’ immediately reminded me of this and it sent me dd.

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  5. I’m loving this, but it’s very much Rainbow 2.0 with a few extra bops and I love Rainbow so I guess it was inevitable I’d like it.

    I don’t always need albums to push the envelope or pop stars to make giant leaps forward in their artistry. I’m perfectly okay with this album retreading old ground and being a bit basic, I’m still enjoying it!
  6. This is amazing! Her best performance.

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  7. Thats probably her best live vocal ever.
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  8. Oh God I thought you all were talking about leaks. Let me go stream this asap.
  9. I was so primed to love this album but I can't seem to get into any of the songs. I do enjoy the audacity of Birthday Suit. She's just daring Nintendo to sue her.
  10. R92


    Chasing Thunder is a cute lil moment, as is Cowboy Blues. I feel like I may take Raising Hell and the folksy slow songs and run.
  11. The intro ruins Kinky and it’s so sad because the song slaps.
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  12. This is what I wanted. Good job.
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  13. This is really really good on first listen. I loved High Road, Honey and Father Daughter Dance.
    The uptempo songs slap. Even My Own Dance makes sense in the context.
    The only songs I'm not feeling so far are Shadow and Chasing Thunder, which is cute but definitely too samey.
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  14. A lot of this thread is giving me "It's not the worst she could've done" in explaining why people like the album ddd.

    There's moments, but a lot of it is a literal wall of noise. It's not the songs per se, but the EQ'ing and mastering has everything dialled up to 100%. Animal (and Cannibal) were great because there was some nuance in the songs. The points that were highlighted were done rightfully so, and the quieter moments are still there but didn't drown out what was being showcased. High Road is the equivalent of a student hearing "highlight the important themes of this essay" and then they highlight every single word.
  15. Tonight is very very good.
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  16. This album is in dire need of a reshuffle of that tracklisting, which is fairly terrible at the start, especially considering the one-two punch of Shadow and Honey.
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  17. I think you just pointed out the biggest issue and this is why I said that she needs a partner that can help her edit that down into something nuanced. Wrabel is a nice and talented guy but I don't think having him involved in nearly every track did favours to her.

    I think moving forward she needs that person. Rainbow worked because it was something she thought about a lot and her vision was so precise and personal. On High Road, I feel like she's looking for validation from people around and these people (while having her back) don't necessarily know how to execute what she's looking for.
  18. If nothing, it's perfect for those five tracks that I could chuck on Rainbow instead of a couple of tracks I didn't like on it, cause the sound is basically the same.
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  19. I made the mistake of playing this right after Physical and the discrepancy in production was a bit aggressive so I’ll come back later.
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  20. I just saw a commercial with Kesha in it the other day?
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