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Kesha - High Road

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Drew, Sep 15, 2018.

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  2. So excited for this. I hope she gets out a lot of stuff soon so that she can (finally) be free of that contract.
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  3. Do we know if this actually a lead from an album or just a one-off?
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  4. knowing how bad she wants to get out of her contract, it’s safe to say she has a bunch of songs ready to be released.
  5. Honest to God, I'm shocked we're getting another album this year
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  6. It weirdly feels like it’s been ages since Rainbow came out, even though it’s barely a year old. I’m interested to see where she goes next.
  7. I hope Here Comes the Change means she's ditching the Nudie Suits teebs.
  8. Here for this being her new look

  9. Wasn't there some speculation that there might be a mermaid theme at work? She tends to be pretty obvious about that stuff. She was saying stuff about warriors in the lead up to that album and she had rainbow emoji's everywhere prior to that album.
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  10. exactly! Warrior and Rainbow were both teased for a long long time, and it wasn’t even a surprise.
    she’s been teasing Mermaids in her interviews...
  11. Love that she’s working with Jonas Åkerlund again. I have a feeling this will be really good.
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  12. I still stan Rainbow (& the rest of her discography) so I'm 100% here for this. It seems like it's a bit soon but she's one of my favorite artists so I'm not gonna complain.
  13. I’m here for a new era but I want something that holds up a bit longer.

    You could argue she should be releasing stuff she can sing live but I’m not really arsed on that front because I’ve never found her to be that much of a compelling live act.

    Basically, use Finding You as the blueprint.
  14. I really enjoyed the majority of Rainbow, so I have decent hopes for this.

    I’ve been wanting her to go into a psychedelic, trippy soundscape for quit some time but I imagine it’s going to be more about the pop rock. Which does suit her.

    I’d love her to do a few shows in the U.K. this time around. I saw her at the Liverpool Radio City concert and she was brilliant.
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  15. [​IMG]

    It's really short = bop!
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  16. Same and at first I thought the same, BUT I am so here for pop girls not waiting 2/2+++++++++ years between music, so no complaints at all!

    Here Comes The BOP!
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  17. She wrote this with Wrabel and Drew Pearson. Same team as Woman.
  18. Boots still leaves me

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  19. the release is lining up perfectly with her Australian leg of the Rainbow Tour, so i'm pretty sure she'll be promoting. p!nk is not safe.
  20. I hope she sings within her range this time
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