Kesha - "Joyride" + 6th Album

Beep beep betch, I'm outside


Get in loser, for the JOYRIDE


Beep beep betch, best night your life


Get in loser, for the JOYRIDE

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I think the song is fun and creative, but IDK. It's not doing a whole lot for me. It reminds me of what Unholy would be like if it was convincing. That being said, I'm sure the album will be a treasure trove. She really doesn't get enough credit for how good an album maker she is.
The amount of TikToks I'm seeing of twinks posting this with "RECESSION POP IS BACK, WE'RE HAVING ANOTHER KESHA SUMMER" when most of them would have probably been like 4 in 2009. Scream!