Kesha - "Joyride" + 6th Album

Nearing 1M updates (850k yesterday) with very low playlist reach and no label. She's taking it.

I really hope this leads to some better playlisting and a bit of a push. Even just getting it on a bunch of big pop playlists in the US & UK could give it a nice push.

I wonder if US pop radio would get onboard with a Kesha track? A little radio interview tour certainly couldn't hurt.
oh god! why I heard this?! I was already hyped for the álbum based on 'Joyride' but this led me to another level.

Ok, but if this was a scrap, I need it to leak in full, stat! Think it's called "If I Was U" but I can't seem to find it in any of the usual pirate places.... so I hope it actually makes the album or leaks eventually because I don't remember the last time a 30 sec clip left me this bald.
Can someone give a run down of her current standing as an artist (independent / distributor / etc)? I'm actually kind of surprised she isn't on any kind of label. Has she discussed her independence or if she'd be willing to re-sign to another label at some point?
I don't think she's said anything yet, but I imagine that she'd want to remain fully independent after being stuck in the major label system for the last 15 years. Could see a distributor being involved down the line since her publishing is apparently now with Warner, but I see her retaining as much independence and control as she can in the future.
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