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Kesha - Rainbow (3rd Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by TeenIdle, Mar 9, 2014.

  1. Are we expecting another early release like last week, which would drop "Hymn" within an hour, or is this coming later today?
  2. It's Friday in AU and Hymn isn't available yet.
  3. So the track length for "Hymn" was removed from Apple Music.
  4. Maybe they think Praying has more potential than they imagined based on how it didn't collapse under Woman and think putting out the next two tracks will deter its presence on iTunes/radio?
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  5. I'm not mad if they wanna double down on making Praying a hit, especially since the album is coming so soon.

    (But please perform it live somewhere)
  6. I'm actually glad we're not getting a new track. Praying and Woman give a good sample of the overall direction of the album.

    If the album release date were further away, I'd be pushing for more music but it's coming out in a matter of a few weeks. I think people's attention span can hold.
  7. They only have two more videos ready to go, so they probably want to keep some legs going for the campaign - particularly with the strong reception so far.
  8. I'm really glad everything has been received so well that they could 'unschedule' the release of promo singles to push the lead harder

    She deserves everything and more
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  9. I'm ok with it, its coming soon anyways.
  10. Exactly what I thought would happen. "Praying" deserves to be a true hit and diluting its impact with a new track released every weekend is not the way to go.
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  11. kal


    It’s a bit disappointing because we were promised 4 songs before the album but werk that success girl.
  12. Praying is doing really well, so it makes sense that they didn't want to drop another single. It moves +4 on Pop to #30 today and +3 on HAC to #25.
  13. Yeah I'm not fussed about it, especially if it improves the chances of Praying becoming a proper hit. I actually can't wait for the first live performance it's gonna be a moment.
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  14. As much as I want more new music, I don't mind waiting if it lets Praying shine.
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  15. Probably late to the party as I haven't been seeking new music out for quite a while so I've been quite out of the loop with what's going on in the pop world but just saw a report saying Kesha was able to release music without Dr Luke involvement and I'm so pleased for her.

    'Praying' is wonderful and I'm re-invigorated to discover what's been going on with pop, thanks Kesha!
  16. I can't believe a smart move has been made to hold off releasing another track. I was always worried releasing too many up front would result in them cannibalizing one another. She's really hitting all the marks.
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  17. She performed "Woman" for the first time last night

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  18. I'm glad to see her doing fine, can't wait for the album
  19. I can't believe we didn't get any new music today
  20. Woman has been such a grower for me. It's just a good time to listen to, and not in a way that I think I'll find dated in a few weeks or months.
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