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Kiana Ledé - Kiki

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by nooniebao, Jul 14, 2018.

  1. New EP featuring four new songs + Can I and EX:

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  2. OBSESSED with Bouncin
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  3. I've been obsessed with Fairplay, going to spin this on the way to work in the AM!
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  4. New Matoma collaboration (also feat. MNEK) is out this Friday:

  5. I wish Shawty was longer, such a good track.
  6. Live performance of Heavy for Genius:

  7. 'Bouncin' video!

  8. Performance of EX at yesterday’s BET Awards:

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  9. Came here to say that “EX” and “Bouncin” are the shit. I need to explore her discography more, but I’m loving what I’ve heard thus far. Consider me perched.
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  10. I’m mad I was late on the new EP. Every song (except maybe ‘Heavy’) is like military-grade, developed in a lab to be that on trend pop/R&B/Spotify playlist sound, and they’re all so clean and well done, it completely works.

    Great little companion to Thank U, Next actually, I’m still loving “girls with pretty voices singing well-written songs on light weight lil’ trap beats” as a genre.
  11. I really wish Shawty was longer. It might be my favourite song of hers.
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  12. I loooove 'Shawty'. Give me that 2008 Stargate sound!
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  13. Yeah, her EP gave me Tinashe-meets-Dinah-Jane vibes, and I loved it. It's a cute slice of whatever.
  14. Tickets for her LA show are $40 ... has everyone gone mad?
  15. Is that expensive?
  16. It's starting to be the norm, unfortunately, but still feels like a steep price for an artist that doesn't really have a hit song or an album out. Just a few years ago, this would have been a $15 show, but Golden Voice is greedy AF. For comparison, Mabel is $25.
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  17. Performance of Bouncin’ and an interview for MTV’s PUSH showcase for new/up and coming artists:

  18. New feature with Ella Eyre:

    Heavy music video:

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