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Kiana Ledé - Kiki

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by nooniebao, Jul 14, 2018.

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  6. New collaboration:

    Looks like a Kehlani co-write might be on the way too (cc: @slaybellz)

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  7. New snippet!

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  8. I just got into her recently and I’m obsessed with her voice, her music is also so good and she has some bops under her belt.
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  9. This has to be in the running for most underrated album of 2020. It's actually a bit mind boggling how there's barely an ounce of filler across 17 songs and I always find it such a breezy listen as a result. Chocolate., Movin'., Second Chances., Plenty More., Labels., Attention. and Protection. are some of the best R&B of last year and I always find the melodies popping up in my head even when I've gone weeks without listening to them.
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  10. Recent collaborations:

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  11. New single with Kehlani out soon:

  12. Fuck YES. I just put KIKI on again over the weekend and it's still immaculate front to back. Glad to see her keeping momentum up with all of these collaborations/features.
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  13. Looks like this is Kiana featuring Kehlani. I hope this is leading to an album this year! Like you said, KIKI still sounds just as fresh now as it did over a year ago. She deserves to be the next big R&B breakout.
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