Kiesza - Crave & Tommy EP


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Run Renegade is so early Madonna to these old ears. I could imagine her singing it in 1985. Saying that I thought she was channeling something Madonnaesque with Hideaway, she has a kind of Madonna energy or something.
I'm so late to the party but I just accidentally discovered All of the Feeling the other day as it auto played on Spotify after my own playlist ended. I literally stopped in my tracks to grab my phone and see who it was as it caught my attention almost immediately. Then yesterday, the same thing happened with Crave and when I checked who it was I couldn't believe it was Kiesza again and from the same album! I've had the album on repeat all day but particularly those 2 songs.

I honestly can't remember the last time a song (2 songs) were so instant for me, what a moment! I can tell this album is gonna be on repeat for the next few weeks!

All Of The Feelings is just so good. I couldn't stand Hideaway, I found it really grated on me and didn't see the appeal at all. But All Of The Feelings is euphoric bliss, and it references one of Spice Girls best songs. And the video pays homage to Madonna's Music video. It's all just perfect.
Sensuum Defectui reminds me of the Hideaway EP. It’s cute!

The rest...we’ll see. The Eleanor Rigby cover sounds like a racket - the vocal production is bizarre - and Phantom of The Dancefloor has not gotten any better to me since 2018 dd
Sensuum Defectui is still that girl but why is this being released now and not when it was obviously meant to be released?