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Kiesza - Crave & Tommy EP

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LPMA, Sep 22, 2015.

  1. This is summery perfection.
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  2. She's releasing this song soon, and sounds pretty promising! the studio version is going to sound great.

    Crave (Deluxe)
    maybe? hmm.

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  3. Dying for You sounds unfinished, it's cute though.

    I don't really care for the other song tbh.
  4. That ugly ass artwork appearing again but this time in yellow...

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  5. That artwork anywhere near a Play button just seems like a threat. Like is it worth it?
  6. Crave (Deluxe) is out now. With two new tracks: "Dying for You" and "When The Stars Don't Shine".

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  7. I thought it was impossible to make that cover actually worse. And yet!
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  8. The new tracks are nothing special but Run Renegade, All Of The Feelings and Love Me With Your Lie are still big bops.
    I think the artwork has something to do with what happened to her so... it's art, I guess.
  9. Yeah she did the whole thing and said that there's a couple of references about the car accident / how she almost lost her life.
  10. like a deluxe edition would've been an easy time to make the cover something... else. But nope, same thing just in an even uglier shade.
  11. New song 'Passenger' is out this Friday. Please be a bop.
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  12. It is!

  13. Meh, I'll take the Crave album and leave. She really did something with that album, specially All of the Feelings!
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  14. Wasn't keen on Passenger but this is pretty good:

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  15. Another generally good song, wonder if she is heading for an album release?

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  16. EP coming on Tuesday. Sounds an emotional release for her. Loads of respect for her.
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  17. I don’t like that she’s fallen down the NFT rabbit hole.
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  18. Tommy was one half of the team Grizzly/Tysper, they produced albums and songs for A-Teens back in the day (they were their main producers). They created TEN Music Group.
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