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Killing Eve

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by wickedbruv, May 13, 2018.

  1. RJF


    This fucking episode.

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  2. This episode was basically the "Jodie Comer Emmy Submission Reel".
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  3. Wow! What a talent, I can get fully immersed with Jodie.... I was watching Brassic and I felt like i was just watching Michelle Keegan being Michelle Keegan... but this woman! Wow!

    Even though the show has derailed, is boring and isn’t going anywhere I’m still here for Villanelle, she is just interesting to watch and see her evolve!
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  4. I understand the criticisms of Season 2 but I’m enjoying the show again with this season. The reunion in episode 3 was particularly well done. This episode pretty much was a showcase for Jodie but it was also some great character work, showing how nuanced Villainelle. Konstantin is starting to get on my nerves a bit so I hope they have something decent planned for him. If it was his death, I really wouldn’t be annoyed.
    Just watched the trailer for next week and am pleased with what they seem to be doing with Eve.
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  5. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I'm guessing this is all taking part while Eve is meant to be looking for her after her husband. I missed Sandra Oh but I agree Jodie is just so inviting, she steals every scene.
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  6. Considering all three seasons have happened within... a couple of months (maybe less?) of each other (and seasons 1 and 2 following each other immediately), I'm surprised Eve hasn't lost her shit to the point of insanity. Her semi-functioning in daily life is impressive to me.
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  7. I loved My Mad Fat Diary and I had no idea Jodie Comer was in Killing Eve. I'm at episode 4 and so far I'm loving it!
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  8. I just finished Episode 6 of Season 2, and i'm still really enjoying it. Episode 4 is the only dud for me thus far. Although it isn't as funny, shocking, or intriguing as the first season, it didn't take a nosedive as hard as I was expecting it to based off some of the things i've read in here. It's still a very enjoyable and engaging watch, especially compared to other series i've been watching lately, I find myself consistently compelled to turn to this one first. Really what makes it so wonderful is Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer's performances, though I will say, Jodie outshines Sandra in this season.
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  9. The latest standalone episode was... strange. The twist didn’t land with gravitas for me because V can be borderline cartoonish sometimes that what should be a shock just come across as a ‘I’m so random!!’ moment. Unless I’m forgetting something, they never revealed what this character did to her as a kid that warranted her fate?

    At this point it almost feels like a pan-europe travel show with a bonus weekly murder.
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  10. So true.

    It's really episodic and random so far this season, it feels like an almost entirely different show written by people who have a wallboard in their meeting room that has "Wouldn't it be cool if Villanelle..." at the top for cascading suggestions.
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  11. RJF


    The problem is... where are the stakes? Learning of Villanelle's origins doesn't do anything for character or plot. Villanelle finished this episode essentially reset to the same person we knew before her family became a sudden focal point this season (because she always has to spend the first half of every season handicapped and distanced from Eve so the show doesn't run out of material), and all the characters she killed were utterly inconsequential. Not only are the answers to Villanelle's origins irrelevant (because let's be honest, who cares at this point when it doesn't effect anything?), they also... didn't give us any. Was Villanelle just born the way she is or was her mother a legitimate monster and the trauma she inflicted was the cause? They hint at both without confirming either, and no we presumably have no way of knowing now.

    Until, you know, the only other Russian person in the regular cast is revealed to be her legitimate father instead of just her surrogate, because I don't know how else you make V's family fixation be anything other than a tedious distraction this season unless you relate it back to how she interacts with the main cast.
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  12. The show has been flailing about from random plot point to random plot point for a while, so I was happy to just kick back and bask in the chaos of the episode.
  13. Is it that Villanelle has been wanting to feel “normal”?! Finding her family and becoming just a normal girl loved by her family, that’s what she longs for is love and acceptance. What’s strange though is she went back despite despising her mother - i dunno, maybe she need closure! I keep thinking back to that kitchen scene with Eve where she called her a psychopth - maybe this is wishful thinking but maybe it will tie in with her trying to show Eve she isn’t just a killer, she does have feelings... this is me thinking deep haha!

    What is interesting is she is so awkward with anyone touching her yet with Eve she’s fine, finds comfort or whatever.
  14. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Oh God this is where it's going isn't it
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  15. I unfortunately just don't care about this show anymore. The performances continue to be incredible, but the plot and the character development are so rote and meandering that I don't feel anything for anyone. Even if Eve dies next episode it wouldn't phase me, and that is a big problem.
  16. I wouldn’t of cared if eve died last season tbh, I don’t care for her all that much.
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  17. Konstantin as Villanelle's father seems like it's been a long time coming. He knew what she looked like as a baby but wouldn't tell her how, he constantly refers to her as being like a daughter to him, he's clearly very attached to her and getting her out of trouble. But V seems to have memories of her father so you'd think she'd know what he looks like.

    I just binge watched the whole show over the last 3 days or so. I loved season 1. I enjoyed season 2. This season has been okay at best. We all know that Eve and Villanelle will not end up together. We know that Eve is not going to go on a Bonnie and Clyde run with her and join her as a psychopath (even though we've spent a lot of time tapping into how much Eve is like V), but if last season ended up with them on the run together and thats where this season kicked off, it would have at least had the intrigue of it being a bit different than the way the last 2 seasons started. Have we only had one scene of them together out of 5 episodes that have aired this season? Thats a shame since their chemistry is one of this shows high points. Also the investigation into Kenny's death doesn't seem to be going anywhere. It feels like this season has no mystery or plot. Last season at least had the "ghost" and they went back to that repeatedly even if it wasn't that interesting.
  18. Just out of interest, has anyone read the books this is based on? And if so, how faithful is the TV series?
  19. RJF


    I’m two minutes into this episode and

  20. When niko turned up alive I nearly switched my tv off
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