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Killing Eve

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by wickedbruv, May 13, 2018.

  1. This is really going nowhere, isn't it?

    A character dies - but not really! And then another one! And then ANOTHER ONE!
    A random character finds out something about the 12 - but he gets immediately attacked by another random character and dies! This time, for real!
    Vilanelle and Eve trade intense looks on some form of public transportation for 2 seconds - for the 145th time since season 1!

    It's just tiring at this point. I feel like I'm almost hate-watching at this stage?
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  2. Alexandra Roach! YAAAAAAS!!!!!!
  3. RJF


    I don’t think I’ll be back next season.
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  4. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Why won't people just......die when they die dd.
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  5. Well Eve and Villanelle are reunited in the finale. I really do hope season 4 is set up as the two of them teaming up to take down the 12 or something. Something has to be different.
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  6. Considering they're still dragging out things that happened in Series 1 (why Carolyn went to see Villanelle in prison), we might find out who killed Kenny in 2027.

    If you laid out actual key plot points of this season, there's what... three big events that have happened? Most of the season has been characters umm-ing and ahh-ing or being sociopathically calm as literally everyone they know dies around them. Except it turns out they didn't die.
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  7. Agree, great episode. Anyone notice the Aberdeen Hotel where Villanelle and Dasha were checking in was actually the Wannabe set?
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  8. what happened to Villanelles wife????
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  9. I think the fight at the wedding and her leaving with Dascha was supposed to let us know the marriage was over as it began.
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  10. SCREAM I just started episode 6 and had a full ‘he’s still aLiVE?!’ moment the second I saw N*ko

    This show is BUSTED.
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  11. aux


    I'm... tired. The series definitely jumped the shark during Series 2, but I enjoyed it to an extent. This time around, it's just not even worth watching apart from the outfits Villanelle wears. Every episode feels like a chore. It's a shame, considering Series 1 is probably some of the best television I've ever seen.
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  12. Tonights episode was the best of the (largely disappointing) season. One of only 2 episodes (the other being episode 3) that stand up to the best episodes of the series. The final scene was genuinely sweet and had me smiling, so I'm clearly still invested in these 2 characters even when the writing is aimless. It's also the first season finale that doesn't really have a cliffhanger. Not in the traditional sense anyway. And it does set up the potential for next season well. So here's hoping for a stronger season 4!
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  13. Was co-written by Laura Neal, season 4 lead and writer of Ep 3 and 7 - am yet to watch but going off those two I’m sure it will end ok.

    Just been reading Ruby Rose may be in the next season - I pray pray pray this is not true, the acting on this show has been incredible, to stick Ruby Rose in would be a massive mistake. Everyone knows she can’t act!
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  14. Also I was taken with the song playing in the final moments and I go to look it up and... its sung by Saoirse Ronan!? Color me shocked.
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  15. I enjoyed the final and the last scene reminded me why I love this show in the first place. It's also a perfect opportunity for them to pull a soft-reset a go back to basics but if Ruby Rose is really joining the show ... no words.
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  16. For anyone who is a sappy fuck like me and wants to watch the last scene again:

  17. I'll be needing considerably more Eve next season. I mean, with queen Sandra Oh on the payroll already why wouldn't you use her?

    Carolyn opening her notebook to a blank page and telling Geraldine to leave was hilarious.
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  18. That was a genuinely great episode and the ending really worked for me.
    A few loose ends were tied up, Carolyn had her best scenes yet and we finally had a decent amount of Eve.

    I’m not convinced that Dasha is dead- sure we heard her flatlining but she still could have been saved.
    Villainelle is obviously going to be in a whole load of shit with The 12 now, which will probably be the driving force of next season. I really hope they don’t use Eve to get at her as they clearly know how much she means to Villainelle.
    That scene with Villainelle and Rhian was also pretty damned brilliant- poor little bitch was stupid to try and threaten her...
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  19. Another episode where the stakes get ratcheted up to 10 only for nothing meaningful to happen

    Wow carolyn shot someone who was introduced a few episodes ago and didn’t really do anything

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  20. Not me eating Tangfastics as I was watching the episode.

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