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Killing Eve

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by wickedbruv, May 13, 2018.

  1. This episode, I mean...great gowns... beautiful gowns.

    Seriously though, literally NOTHING really of any consequence has happened in the past 2 seasons??? Who are the twelve?? What do they want?? What is the purpose of any of this??

    I'm... exhausted, I am defeated, this show has truly beaten me, goodnight.
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  2. All of the above, the ending was beautiful but what does this mean?! It felt like a series ending not season.

    I have no idea where this could go, I just hope we see elements of the old Villanelle back, it’s not fun to see her so broken although maybe we needed to for the growth of her character before this season we didn’t really know her - the scene with Rihan felt like the Villanelle I enjoyed previously.

    I just hope it doesn’t turn into some love story as I think the series is better than that... I also don’t want another season of Eve and Villanelle longing for each other and seeing each other twice a season, it’s boring now!

    I read the last pages of the most recent Villanelle book and that ending for me would of been perfect for this season and would of worked so well!
  3. RJF


    Yeah, I'm done. Kenny fell from the building with the chest-height wall around the whole roof?
  4. Damn, I was gonna ask if this season is worth watching but I’m guessing the answer is a resounding no.
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  5. The fact that they brought in an actress of Gemma Whelan's talent and wasted her on a miserable drip of a character just about says it all. I think I might be done with this show.
  6. I can't believe the deus ex machina of "Oh yeah, I just forgot about this camera conveniently placed at the front door that happens to catch who visited the dead person the day they died" and then had the nerve to play it as 'no one killed them' despite them making it clear it wasn't a roof you could just fall off of? Okay.
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  7. The writer of the episode said in an interview not to believe anything Konstantin says, so I think perhaps Kenny's death will be revisited in season 4, as even Carolyn says she doesn't believe a word of it.
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  8. Nothing happened in the entire season
  9. I’m so glad I stopped watching this after Season 1. Imagine if it had been a two series self-fulfilled sucker punch with Phoebe at the helm for both and a proper plan for the beginning, middle and end.
  10. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I thought the finale was ok but this season has definitely been more style over substance. Villainelle and Eve are so electric when they're together so if that's not the basis for the next season then I may be done.
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  11. Once again, the problem with renewing the show for two seasons. Knowing you have the luxury of time can be a good thing, but it also can (and in this case, did) lead to lazy storytelling.
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  12. RJF


    Also, their need to pad the cast out into a tedious ensemble piece... they did the same thing last season with Eve's crack team of 2D MI6 officers, and again with the Bitter Pill office.

    So is Villanelle redeemed now? Three years of watching her slice and dice through innocent people and now she's decided to have a conscience? And, what, Eve simply got scared at the end of the last season but has now accepted that she's a monster when the majority of her screen time this year went into making dumplings? A mess.
  13. So I guess not watching beyond the second episode of this season was the correct choice then?
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  14. I still think the show is worth watching specifically for Jodie. But that is some of season 3's problem - they got the memo that Villanelle is the breakout here and their title character took a bit of a backseat. I don't think Eve was as underused as I've read other people feel she was, but considering Villanelle got herself a full capsule episode for her backstory says a lot. And that was a big part of this seasons purpose - to build to giving V some sort of conscience/desire to stop being an assassin. They kind of accomplish bringing her (and us) there, but at the expense of any real plot for anyone else this season.

    I agree the double season renewal gave them too much comfort.
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  15. I have the books and have only read the last few pages as I wanted to know the potential ending this season.

    Villanelle is ordered to kill Eve, she knows she’ll be killed as soon as Eve is killed and no one can be trusted so they work together In making it look like Villanelle has killed Eve with make up and photos etc. They spend the night at villanelles after the “killing”, next morning they leave on a Ducati together going on the run.
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  16. I still find it entertaining and watchable. But I have absolutely no idea what it's supposed to be about anymore.
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  17. The implication that Villanelle lost her killing power the moment she fixed her root problem - killing her mother - is an interesting one, but I wished they leant into it more than vaguely gesturing at her suddenly becoming a bit of a wet fish.
  18. hahahahaha wet fish, I think how they did the scene with Rhian was really well done, you see her pain and struggle but she had to do it for her and for Eve.

    I hope next season is her at that same level of fighting for her own life against the 12 - where she’s not as pathetic, you don’t just lose that ability.

    Just hope the writers make this into either a Rom Com or another season where Eve and Villanelle are longing to be together - we shall see, they start filming in a few weeks I believe so will keep my eye out for any photos of them together. Don’t mind a spoiler me!
  19. When Kenny died, I vowed this would my favourite season but how wrong I was. After episode two, the show lost me with each episode. Still, I'm hopeful season four will be an improvement. Especially in pace, the last episode felt like such an afterthought.
  20. I just don’t get how you lead off with killing a Kenny and then basically ignoring it. Why didn’t Eve fall down the rabbit hole and investigate that opened up the twelve a little more. Then have Villanelle be with the older assassin shorter and move up quicker and deal with a new/different position than she was in previous seasons. It’s like they took the wrong turn at every intersection they got to. They could have even played it as that Villanelle seems to have vanished and Eve followed the Kenny murder and it lead to her seeing Villanelle in a new, higher position.

    Sorry for the rambling but like... it could have been much better.
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