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Killing Eve

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by wickedbruv, May 13, 2018.

  1. The mystery of this show, for me, is how it can be so aimless but still entertaining. My rational self knows to move on because it's creatively exhausted, but Eve being miserable as a cook and Vilanelle failing in management still gives me enough of a giggle to stick with it.

    I mean, throw in some eye candy and I'm probably sold through season four.

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  2. They’re going all out with the deaths this season aren’t they
  3. Another good episode, I’m enjoying this season. The editing of this episode was a bit frenetic but overall I can’t wait until next week.
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  4. I just want Phoebe back now, I think this season has gone all wrong - it needed to go into a different route. I felt like i was watching 4 different shows at once.

    we needed to see something different, extreme... not the same old, same old...

    We need someone who cares about the show not someone who is there for 8 episodes and is gone
  5. I think Niko's death was only done so there's technically to reason for Eve and Villanelle to... do whatever the hell they're doing. I swear to God if she actually believes that note at the end and it goes into "character goes on rampage because of a misunderstanding" territory I'm going to rage quit.
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  6. I’m up to Episode 7 of Season 1 and I’m absolutely obsessed with how good it is. I’m disappointed to hear the reception to the next two seasons isn’t great.
  7. Personally I’ve been enjoying season 3
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  8. RJF


    I cheered at the end of that episode.
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  9. He really did nothing but whine, complain and gaslight for two and a half seasons didn't he nn
  10. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Whew that episode was.....the best since S1?? I really enjoyed it.
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  11. Oh I love it, just think season 1 is the best i just found that S3 Ep4 confused the hell out of me as the timeline was all chopped up but the same.... Villanelle is still fantastic throughout!
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  12. Same. The scene in the garden was both hilarious and terrifying. There’s also lots of plot points I’m genuinely intrigued by:
    Why was Konstantin visiting Carolyn’s daughter? Was it she who helped him place the recorder-fridge magnet in the house? The woman who gave orders to Dasha at the pool- surely a member of the 12? Does this mean we’re going to see more of the 12? Will Eve fall for Dasha’s plan for her to blame Villainelle? I’m guessing not as surely Eve would know V would probably stick around and taunt her or make a play for her.
    There’s so much applause for Jodi but I love Sandra just as much- she was incredible in that last scene.
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  13. I hope eve knows Villanelle enough to know she wouldn’t do that, she let him go when he was in the storage locker - so why would she kill him now?!

    I have a gut feeling the Carolyns daughter has something to do with the 12, why would you take that random magnet?! The only magnet on the fridge. Is she setting Carolyn up?!

    Also, Jodie doing comedy is just fantastic - she’s fab!
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  14. Just rewatching season 1- still can’t believe Eve sucker punched Niko in the face and then shoved him twice for good measure!
  15. Great to see Camille Cottin (the best thing about Call My Agent!) pop up as Dasha’s superior - I can’t think of anyone better suited to this universe than her.
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  16. I don’t know who she is but I really liked her. She very much had a cool air of “You’d best do as I tell you...”
  17. Camille Cottin, who played the lead in the French remake of Fleabag, is now on Killing Eve? Life is a circle, indeed.
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  18. RJF


    Niko has always been insufferable so I'm glad that the show did away with him completely. I get that he was meant to be a tether to Eve's hum-drum regular life but he was always such a tedious, repetitive drip of a character sulking behind his moustache so I really don't think it's any great loss.

    A more interesting direction to take Eve now would be if she wasn't as devastated as she expected to be, and the self-examination that would follow (because they've never done a good job portraying their relationship as mutually loving and Eve's peak interest was only when someone else was interested in him) but I expect it's going to be a tedious, drawn out misunderstanding where Villanelle reveals she didn't kill him right before she's about to be killed herself, when in reality two seconds of investigation and critical thought would prove she didn't do it anyway.
  19. Ok but

    the way I jumped when Villanelle looked straight into the camera at the end of the episode. It was only a split second but it was enough to shock me.
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