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Kim Petras - "brrr" + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jono, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    I'm kinda over this whole "it doesn't matter, gays will continue to buy her shit!" stance... like we can state that without also resigning ourselves to the reality of how fucked up she is as a person. I personally think she's trash and she should be judged on the impact of her politics/allegiances versus how woke we're meant to feel for supporting her simply due to identity. She's a shitty person making bops that would have fit in the 2012 soundscape. She deserves criticism and that fact shouldn't be tucked away because a bunch of unimpressive-class white gays think her music is good enough to soundtrack their session of poppers, bump, slip n'slide while also ignoring the cognitive dissonance of how much they'd not champion her if she wasn't a femme, passing trans woman.

    tl;dr stan and stream un-problematic Slayyyter on your platform of choice today
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  2. I'm not saying we shouldn't be critical of her, I'm just saying that her indiscretions don't seem to be a part of the general conversation around her. The Luke thing has been so downplayed that I feel like a lot of the people that bop to her aren't even aware of it. The white gays (at least in Brooklyn) are more than content to throw money at her and endorse her at every turn, and they are the ones with the privilege and the coin. But I agree that it's important that this dynamic doesn't halt the conversation and I imagine she'll run into even more issues as she tries to expand her audience.
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  3. Inland Empire

    Inland Empire Staff Member

    Why couldn't Tami T have had her success instead.
  4. I feel like even if they were aware, they probably think he’s not as involved anymore or he backed off, since he now works under a different name professionally. You’ll only find him if you know his real name, and the chances of that are very slim, even for someone who might follow pop like us.
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  5. Slayyyter literally working with a trans producer on the majority of her album making forward thinking throwback pop while Kim locked herself into a working relationship with an abuser who continues to give her ripped off productions - yea, Slayyyter fans won.
  6. My favorite part is all the double standards in here. You know: link in your signature.

    Your entire complaint would be a bit more valid if she wasn't among your most played artists...
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  7. I think the criticism is more valid, if anything, considering it’s coming from people who are fans on some level who just want her to do better. Nobody is coming in here because they just hate her. You can enjoy something and still be able to examine and critique it when there’s something you find problematic, and for some reason there are people who think it has to be either or.
  8. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    A) It's a critique, not a complaint
    B) I seek validation from no one but own ability to continuously challenge myself
    C) I thoroughly enjoy the music released under Kim and Luke's names, and would do so if any other popstar were singing these songs
    D) Come up with a better defense than being reflexively offended
  9. How is nuance just completely lost on certain people?
  10. Inland Empire

    Inland Empire Staff Member

    I still stream her music, and wouldn't judge anyone else for doing so, because:

    A) Dr. Luke's had a hand in producing so much of the pop I love that I've already sank a considerable money into and still do one way or another, so it just feels pointless to me to avoid Kim when I'm gonna end up giving him money one way or another, be it via streams of old hits or one of his protégé's songs that he's hidden in the credits of. You can cut out the fungi above-ground all you want, but the super-organism of roots under the surface is still very much in place, so...why bother.
    B) For me, Kim hasn't crossed the moral event horizon just yet. She's not irredeemable, and I can see why being subject to media scrutiny as a literal child would make someone think "well if the world is gonna hate me no matter how good I try to be, why try at all?". I don't agree with that way of thinking at all, but if she had an epiphany and wanted to make reparations for her harmful actions, I'd be open to it. She's not in the same league as, say, Melanie Martinez who's already blown it no matter what she does in the future.

    I still wouldn't go to see her on tour, buy any of her merch or promote her to my friends, but refusing to stream her music just feels entirely pointless when all roads seem to lead to Dr. Luke anyway.
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  11. Kim's lack of concern about doing the right thing is deeply concerning to me and makes me unable to stan. That being said, I find her musical extremely derivative despite her extreme talent, so I probably wouldn't be stanning that hard anyway.
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  12. Kim full out idolizing Paris Hilton should be enough of a clue as to the person she is.
  13. Paris Hilton is iconic.
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  14. Paris Hilton isn't really problematic though? What's your point?
  15. I....
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  17. Blaire has argued that parents who allow their children to transition before the age of 18 - so.. like Kim - are committing child abuse. It's just so.. ??. I guess I just underestimated how much Blaire was able to slither her way into gay LA circles after her Youtube channel got demonetized that Kim, in her role of pop queen to white twinks, felt the need to extend a loving gesture.

    What a scummy person.
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  18. Uh, what planet are you living on?

  19. I never heard about any of that teebs. I don't follow Paris too closely. That's a shame.
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