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Kim Petras - "brrr" + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jono, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. Although it is odd to judge Kim’s character based on her idolizing Paris while praising Slayyyter in the same breath, considering Paris Hilton and that general era of celebrity is her entire brand nn

    We can call her out without bringing others into it.
  2. Where are the incels on ATRL that have Blaire White gif avatars you need them?
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  3. Do Me just became the first track off Clarity to pass 5m streams on Spotify. Big bop energy.

  4. Thank god.
    This makes me happy - it's easily the best.
  5. SO GLAD she clarified.

    I think she's honestly just a nice person who wants the best for everyone.
    Girl, you live in LA and make pop music... It's time to grow a backbone and be careful who you talk to. Not everyone needs to be your friend.
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  6. She deleted a bunch of stuff on Twitter after this exchange last night...

  7. This is exactly why she shouldn't have DM'd in the first place. Blaire is going to go be Blaire now, and all Kim was trying to do was her usual trying to be nice with a sprinkle of ignorance.
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  8. I wouldn’t mind a spooky-ooky Halloween mix of Personal Hell for TOTL V2.
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  9. Nah, Kim is being a bit dishonest. Blaire has largely never been just a trans youtuber. Her content has never been trans oriented. It has always been political.
  10. Well, that's fair. I didn't know who she was until a couple months ago so I thought that just maybe Kim wouldn't either. Either way, it's a whole bad situation. Kim really has a knack for being friendly to the wrong people.
  11. aux


    Album cover for Turn Off The Light Vol. 2

  12. PSA: can people stop trying to make pre-saves on streaming a thing? They're pointless to the average user.
  13. The clip has got me SO perched. Sounds just like Vol 1 and that makes me so happy.
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  14. aux


    They rarely work too.
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  15. The cover should work in theory but it's so badly executed. And it makes even less sense that the vinyl is just for Vol. 1 now.
  16.’s bugging me how haphazard this looks in HQ. I was really hoping it’d be the original cover with the lighting pulled back a little, gradually revealing more of the image
  17. aux


    I was hoping for a different body part, like a leg with a heel or something. I get the concept, it's the same idea as the 'Bunhead' logos for Era 1 - which means she can do as many of these as she wants as long as there's colours she can use.

    EDIT: This is exactly what I thought it was going to be

  18. I feel like this would make more sense horizontally, serving a little

  19. Queen of consistent artworks.
  20. If anything it gives an insane amount of access to user data. I mean, we shouldn't expect privacy from Spotify, but it takes even more stuff when you give it permissions
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