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Kim Petras - "brrr" + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jono, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. Dd I’ll probably wind up using that. Queen of limbs
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  2. Like, they could've at least made the hand gesture a two or something.
  3. That clip sounds spookerific.
  4. Oh God Kim found her color wheel again.
  5. Kinda disappointed with the real cover. The leg but looking more dead looking with veins would have been perfect.
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  6. The leg but with a bone sticking out. Or she could have just done two arms.
  7. Nail polish color should have been black / orange but whatever
  8. Is there a tracklisting yet?
  9. After a year I’ve only just noticed the very faint incomprehensible talking during the instrumental bit of “Close Your Eyes”

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  10. The promo pics she'd been posting already gave away the dip in quality compared to the original project. Let's hope the music is boppy enough?
  11. aux


    You literally have heard eight seconds of the album, and you're already saying there's a dip in quality? Sis........
  12. I'm talking about the artwork, luv.
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  13. aux


    It's not even that bad, it makes sense why she is doing it that way.
  14. I love the photos she's been posting of herself for this, and the shots from last year.
    The cover seems pretty lazy in comparison to those, especially since it's the same as last year's... I get the color swap thing is something she likes buuut
  15. Real question is:

    is anything going to be as massive as In The Next Life ??
  16. Another spooky German verse on this EP is not a want but a NEED
  17. Uh......wig???

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  18. Party City wig.
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  19. We already knew it was going to be both volumes put together & that Vol. 2 would have at least 9 tracks - but I'll admit it is something to see it all laid out like that.

    Can't think of another pop girl who releases content this regularly? All of a decent standard too.
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  20. I’m confused why they bothered releasing a vinyl for Volume 1 if this is what she was planning all along dd
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