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Kim Petras - "brrr" + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jono, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. The release of Vol 1 separately on vinyl makes less sense by the second.
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  2. Because money.
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  3. As soon as I saw she was releasing the VOL 1 vinyl weeks before VOL 2 was coming out, I knew this would end up happening.
  4. I can’t wait I just hope vol 2 isn’t 5 songs and 4 interludes but regardless ... WIG
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  7. aux


    It's beyond me how she's capable of being so consistently good. Wrong Turn is a highlight, Sweet Spot levels of goodness.
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  8. It took us an entire year to get a vinyl release of Vol. 1, we might get 2xLP release next year
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  9. I have to witch cackle at how artists titling ANYTHING Vol.1 is almost always a disaster based upon lies based upon clownery. Just don't do it!
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  10. Probably, but you'd still have to buy VOL 1 twice.
  11. Wrong Turn and <demons> are going to kill me off, I feel it (coming on).
  12. Sisters why is it taking so long for the train to arrive

    EDIT: Nvm. CHOO CHOO (AH!)
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  13. My is going to be angry about this but whatever.
  14. I absolutely hate her (in a good way) for Massacre.
  15. Unfortunately I'm not feeling as strongly for the new songs as I did for Vol. 1. Purgatory was my favorite and it's just an instrumental ddd.
  16. VOL. 1 didn't really do much for me so maybe this full project will make the previous tracks click. Death by Sex sounds promising.
  17. I...can't find find the train station.
  18. Well then
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